What you need to know about the best bookmaker's bonus?

What you need to know about the best bookmaker’s bonus?

In the world of online bets, there’s one website that stands out from the very beginning of online betting websites. They are Bet365 and we’re sure you heard of them already. The bonuses Bet365 offers to their players are just the tip of the iceberg.

Bet365 in short

Ever since Bet365 made their first appearance on the Internet they’ve done everything imaginable to ensure their status as an online betting giant.

From the get go, Bet365 goes along with their players’ needs and desires, making sport fans feel welcome and beyond.

Bet365 was the first that introduced free online bets. Nowadays, all the bookmakers are offering them but Bet365 didn’t stop there.

They were also the first ones introducing all sports, played on all continents and covered all time zones. Ofcourse, the massive growth Bet365 ensured this way, continued with implementing other, non-English, languages on their page and all currencies. Today Bet365 is available in 17 languages and offers wagers in 29 different currencies.

In 2005, Bet365 sold their chain of 59 betting shops in the UK to Coral, deciding that they will be only an online betting website. That was a smart move, because it made Bet365 concentrate on new trends.

Today, Bet365 is famous for many bonuses they offer to their new and loyal players.

That’s something we at https://www.top-kladionica.com/bet365-bonus would like to focus on in this article.

Bet365 Welcome Bonus

For the players that decide to open an account and register on their betting website, Bet365 offers a welcome bonus in betting credits. Betting credits are not available to withdraw but do make this game more interesting. It’s all about possibilities that they want for their players.

After registering, if you make a deposit of 5 euro, Bet365 will provide a 100% bonus (up to 25 euro). This is a limited offer valid only for the new players. In case you find this stimulating, it is about time to register on Bet365 today.

Bet365 Live In-play Bets

Bet365 holds a reputation of everyone’s favourite online betting website. They have over 6 million active players from over 200 countries in the world and for a good reason.

Their live in-play bets and live streaming are exceptional and there are more options to win money than at any other online betting website.

To claim your right to place an in-play online bet all you need to do is register your account and have betting credits present on your account, or make a wager within the last 24 hours. In addition to that, you will have an option to place an in-play bet while streaming matches in real time.

Bet365 Bet Builder

Another detail that makes Bet365 stand out is their option to customize your bet.

The Bet Builder option grants the players a possibility to make a wager that’s more specific than others.

Using the Bet Builder commodity you can specify how many corners will take place, or on the yellow and red cards. You can also bet on the first goalscorer or the result after the first half time.

This option was first introduced by Bet365. They seem to have been one step in front of their competition the whole time.

There is one specific reason for that. See, Bet365 was initiated by a woman, Denise Coates, as opposed to their competition. Denise obviously understood that the Internet would make this world a much smaller place and decided to take action.

Bet365 bonus 0-0

Other than the welcome bonus, their most active players can enjoy another advantage and that’s Bore Draw Money Back promotion.

This promotion is another detail specific only to the Bet365 website.

You need to make a pre-match bet on the correct outcome of the match, or half time, or make a prediction about the first goalscorer. In case the match ends with the result of 0-0 you can get your money back and the bet would be void.

This specific bonus is reserved for their most active and loyal players though.

Bet365 Special First Goalscorer Bonus

This promotion is amazing for all of the players out there that like predicting the first goalscorer in the match. In case that player doesn’t make the first goal, but scores in that match anyway, Bet365 will not declare your wager as a losing one. Instead, it will be a winning bet at 1/3 of the odds.

For example, let’s say you placed an online bet of 100 euro on Mbappe scoring the first goal in the game that has the odds 6.00. In case Mbappe scores, but not as a first goalscorer, the odds change into 2.00 (6.00*1/3) and Bet365 pays out 200 euro to your account.

Bet365 poker Bonus

Bet365 offers to their new poker players a 365 euro bonus that includes a prize spin.

This offer expires after February 25th and is valid only for the new accounts.

Even though there aren’t any wager requirements related to this bonus, it expires after 60 days. 

Other Bet365 bonuses

Betting on a certain team to win either half is one of the most appreciated moves that come from Bet365. Placing an online bet of this type makes the thrill of watching a match more relaxing.

Basically if you make a bet that a certain team will win either halftime, even if they lose at the end of the game, your ticket could be a winner. Let’s say your team loses after the first halftime 0:2, but the game ends with the result of 1:2 (meaning your team was the only one that scored in the second halftime) this counts as your team winning the second halftime.

We’d like to also mention betting on cards in a certain match. Bet365 has by far the best offer in this category. In their offer they have bets on cards for every game played in the Premier League, Primera, Series A and Bundesliga, as well as Champions league and European League (UEFA).

More often than not, Bet365 offers this type of bets on Dutch league Eredivisie and Ligue 1. One of the reasons we would recommend bets on cards using Bet365 is that they look at the second yellow card and a red card as two different ones. Also there are no tax deductions and manipulative costs added.