Points to Consider to Make Your Photo Book Exciting to Your Audience

Points to Consider to Make Your Photo Book Exciting to Your Audience

One glance at a book’s cover is enough to judge it. This is the rule with photo books, so you should make the cover iconic to reflect what your audience should expect. The story you want your images to tell can not only be told by your best shots. Your orientation, choice of embellishments, paper, and page size, are all elements that will enhance your purpose.

The composition is vital when taking photos and you should always think of how your shots will come out if they were to tell a story. Your creation can either make your book enchanting, prompting your folks to flip the pages for more, or shut it.

What will make your photo book exciting?

Creating a photo book is not collecting photos and binding the pages to form an album. You want to take your audience through the journey without having to explain in too many words. Therefore, before you design your pictorial-descriptive narrative, you should ask yourself whether it will be worth your viewer’s time or not. Several factors will make your photo book stand out. They include:

Your story

What is it you want to share with your friends and family? Whether it is to show them how you spent your vacation or a travel adventure, your audience will share your experience and feel like they were part of the story. Before laying out your picturesque shots, think of how you want your story to roll out. You will be obliged to use single spreads without supporting texts on some pages while you might be forced to group others for impact.     

Give your photos breathing space

Nothing distracts your reflection flow like clustered shots on a single page. Think of your photo book’s end size before creating a spread full of photos. Additionally, giving your photos some white space beside them will give the shots a dramatic glow. When using text, do not let the font run through the edges. Make your text easy to read with a font style befitting your story and design.

Have a focal point

Everyone has those technically opulent shots we want the whole world to know of. Whether they are several or it is only one, give your best photos their independent full-breed spreads. However, if your chosen book size will likely eliminate some of your photo’s key areas, do not get frustrated.  MixBook has several options. Opt for a smaller container and minimize your spread.

You could also establish a focal point by having a larger shot supported by smaller photos of the same theme.

Have a variety of spreads

Though having a single photo per page can give your photo the emphasis it deserves, your viewers will get bored looking at a similar arrangement for a birthday or wedding event. Therefore, vary your spreads without making them look similar. Utilize similar layouts but scatter them throughout your book, reconfiguring them to avoid the arrangements looking similar.

Designing your photo book will be easier if you prepared your story composition before time. Your story will guide you. Whether it is a portfolio or your travel diary, know what you want to share with your friends. While some stories are playful and will need creativity to spruce them up, some will only need simple captions to narrate them. Do not fret if you are clueless with your photo book creation, MixBook has got everything you need to tell your story.        

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.