Top 15 Dashboard Software Features For 2021

Giving data visualizations through the use of graphs and maps allows your audience to comprehend even the most complex business information. Data management, on the other hand, brings together crucial company information from different sources, allowing you to gain intelligence into all business processes instantly. Now, imagine having software that marries these two concepts!

Dashboard software is an application that allows business people to view all the company’s key performance indicators in a visual context. The information is usually from different sources, but the dashboard software organizes it, allowing a company’s management to access all the information they need in a few clicks.

As a business owner, the dashboard software allows you to gain crucial insight into your business processes, helping you make essential data-driven decisions. For a more in-depth understanding, check-out this datapine’s feature overview of dashboard software.

Finding the dashboard software with the best features is of utmost importance. For this reason, we will highlight the top15 dashboard software features to look out for in 2021.

Let us delve into specifics.

Predefined templates

Dashboard software comes with predefined templates that make it easy for the company to assess the review its performance with ease. By selecting a template, the software automatically creates the whole dashboard, allowing you to edit it later. 

Additionally, you can skip the predefined templates and build your customized template from scratch.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to add custom measures yourself. You can easily interact with any field, allowing you to modify your presentation to your liking. It is a management solution that tracks your report and configures what appeals to you.

Cross-device accessibility

Cross-device accessibility is another feature of dashboard software. It allows swift access to information across various devices such as the computer, tablet, and smartphone. The feature brings flexibility into the work environment, as you can access the information on any of these devices anywhere at any time.

Numerous chart types

Whether you want to use pie, bar, or histogram charts, dashboard software incorporates all of them. The diversity in the chart types allows you to create the appropriate visual presentation of your data. Besides, the custom chart tooltips advanced feature allows you to upgrade your preferred chart, allowing you to view your presentation more meaningfully.

Advanced chart options

From conditional formatting to trend indictors, advanced chart options on the dashboard software allow you to customize your presentation the way you deem fit. The different color schemes, for instance, are among the many advanced features that help you highlight specific sections on your chart, improving your presentation.

Text, image, and icon features

Texts, images, and icons are elements to use on dashboard software. Texts are readable explanations while images and icons describe the function and explain your presentation further. Correct usage of these features elevates the overall experience for the audience.

User Role Management

The user role management feature is a vital part of any dashboard software as a company can assign roles to different people, including setting user permissions. The software offers the admin high levels of administration. Editor, power viewer, and viewer are other management levels that help a company maintain appropriate control of information.


With predictive analysis on the rise, forecasting on dashboard software allows the possibility to predict what happens next. It is a vital feature as it uses past and current data to make predictions, influencing the company’s decision-making.

Mobile Mode

More people continue to access information from their mobile phones. The mobile mode feature allows information created on desktops to dynamically conform to your mobile screen-size, helping you access data on-the-go.

Interactive dashboard features

The dashboard software comes with a myriad of interactive features that provide solutions to your presentation. Chart zoom is an example of an interactive dashboard feature that zooms your data in and out, for an optimal viewing experience. 

Animation options

Among the creative features on dashboard software, animation options help you capture the attention of your audience. They also come with additional options that define the type of animation and speed, which go a long way in affecting your overall presentation of data.

AI-based features

Artificial intelligence features automate processes, saving precious time. AI assistants and intelligent data alerts will identify trends, recognize patterns, and generate insights. That way, you can effectively monitor your data and take appropriate action. 

Multiple sharing options

With dashboard software, businesses can use manual exports. Additionally, the customizable email reports allow you to use filters that promote customizable data sharing.

Duplication options

When a business wants to work on new data on a pre-existing database, the duplication feature copies the information on a new dashboard. That way, the company retains the original data and has another dashboard with which to add the new data.

Filter options

Powerful filtering options allow companies to create more effective dashboards. For instance, the marketing team can filter out information from other departments, leaving content that directly impacts them.

The use of dynamic time fields, hierarchical and crosstab connected filters are filtering features to watch out for.

John Norwood
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