4 Ways Tech Can Help You Manage Finances

4 Ways Tech Can Help You Manage Finances

Modern finance management extends to more than just apps- technology is all around us and can help us save money in many different ways.

Here are 4 ways you can use technology to manage your finances.

Keep Tabs on Your Utility Bills

Most of us wait until the end of the month to check how much electricity or water we’ve used, then struggle to pay them or sacrifice another monthly necessity, such as food or clothes.

With sites such as cek tagihan listrik, there’s no more guesswork. You can check to see how much electricity you’ve consumed and its running total and make adjustments to meet your budget. Similar sites can be used to monitor water and even cellular bills.

Get Reminders on When to Pay

It may not be possible to set up automatic payment on all your necessary expenses, but you can potentially avoid late fees, interest and other add-ons if you pay them on time.

Those who have credit cards will definitely want to get an app that will remind them to pay the balance or minimum amount on time, or else suffer from extra fees that could be used for something else.

Get into a Habit of Comparing Prices

These days it’s not wise to just pick one service or company and go with them. The accessibility of the internet and owning a smartphone allows for easy price checking on virtually any service or product.

For example, an online tool or comparison website can be used to figure out the cheapest prescription medicine. Similarly, you can do comparisons on essential goods such as gas, groceries, insurance, etc. on the internet.

Check Out Coupons, Discounts and Deals

There’s always a deal or coupon happening, and you should always be on the lookout for it. If you’re constantly buying tissue paper, for example, you can look for a coupon or voucher that can give you significant discount when buying in bulk.

John Norwood
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