What Are Addictive These Days

What Are Addictive These Days

Vaping is addictive and when it was first introduced, it was marketed as an alternative to smoking if you are trying to quit. If you are curious about it, you can read this article


If you are wondering about why vaping is addictive, you can base it on this article to give you the reasons why it is. The good thing is that vaping has less harmful side effects compared to smoking. Since vaping has become very popular, there are now so many flavors to choose from. Another good thing about vaping is that you can choose the nicotine you want to consume.

It uses an oil cartridge battery that you can charge every time it runs out, so no need to buy new ones. Read on to find out why it is addictive:

It Changes the Brain

If you inhale nicotine, it gets absorb in your blood and your brain is affected within 10 seconds only. This affects your brain as is changes the relationship between specific neurotransmitters and receptor sites. More than that, nicotine changes how the acetylcholine interacts with the receptor sites.

When it is working properly, ACh is important to your memory and cognition, and muscle contraction. Once nicotine attaches to the ACh receptors and not directly to the ACh, it will trigger feel good responses to the brain. Someone who uses nicotine can experience higher feelings of being focuses, alertness, relaxation or euphoria.

New Generation has an Increasing Nicotine Addiction

Among the younger generation, vaping pens are gaining a lot of popularity compared to the traditional tobacco product. In the year 2015, the US surgeon general has reported that vaping among students significantly increased, and only a small percentage still smoked tobacco. There are 3 reasons why teens choose vaping over cigarettes.

  • Vaping is not as harmful compared to smoking
  • Vaping costs less per use than traditional cigarettes
  • The vaping cartridges normally has flavors like blueberry, bubblegum, peppermint, etc.

You will not see smoke when you vape, which is appealing to the youth and adults. Since there is no smell, vaping reduces the smoking stigma.

Vaping is More Addictive Than Smoking

Nicotine in vapes is addictive because the vape device liquids have flavors aside from nicotine. The flavors are a lot more palatable and they do not give you a burning sensation or cigarette taste. This makes people vape more frequently. That means you have more exposure to nicotine over time.

The truth is, even senior citizens like vaping more than smoking because the pure flavor strains they get. Aside from the reasons why it is addictive, you can also try dry herb vaping wherein you use dry herbs as flavor and that gives you a more authentic feeling.

These are the reasons why it is addictive and hopefully you will stay well-informed about vaping. If you know someone who wants to try out vaping, this is the information you can give them before they go for it. in addition, you just need 510 threaded battery to power it up.