5 things Must Know About Winning In Escape From Tarkov

5 things Must Know About Winning In Escape From Tarkov

The title itself ‘Escape from Tarkov’ speaks volume about the game’s complexity. The game is no doubt difficult and not so friendly for the new players. In the beginning, the players might feel a bit annoyed as it is quite an in-depth game. Don’t worry, to get there we will share some simple and easy Escape from Tarkov tips and strategies to help you get the hang of the game and level your game up quickly. You might not catch up with the game pace if you are not focused. If you want to play like a legend you can leverage the cheats and hacks available online. It’s more fun when you cheat in Escape from Tarkov to become a pro in no time.

Do your quests

In the initial stage of the game, you only have access to basic stuff from the traders till level ten as playing PMC. So, combat is not something you can go for because you first have to get your hands on better weapons and gears. You will have to get your quests done to rank yourself up quickly to level 10. Therefore to achieve this target, you must be familiar with the map otherwise you will have to face bad situations more often. For some faster levelling, try to unlock jaeger as quickly as possible.

Remove gear fear

Once you acquire access to the flea market, you can get some better gears for yourself. Some level four armour are something that you must not miss if available to you. These armours provide the players with a level of protection and if you die during the battle it offers you insurance to come back. Make sure that you buy 3 kits of these gears and maintain them to be available to you at a moment’s notice. When you have no fear of losing the gears in the game you are carrying it will make you play better and aggressively in the game.

Focus on the hideout

Once you start getting a flow of income, it is suggested that you start throwing cash into the hideout. When you begin upgrading your hideout, your income becomes stable as well, as it also provides means to make items you found in raids for quests and a much cheaper way for ammo production.

Accept death

We know Escape from Tarkov can be a punishing game for the players. The game is always conspiring to kill you. You can easily get killed in a fight which you feel confident about winning. You can lose it on a dime, as a lot of the combats are decided on a coin flip. Try to accept your death instead of crouching down in fear to get pushed by someone. The key to your survival lies in accepting your death, and that is when you will start living in the game.

Create your own strategies

Escape from Tarkov is a game of strategies and therefore you need to create some good strategies to delve into the depths of the game. One easy and basic strategy in the game is to practice a lot, this will provide you a firm understanding of the game and about your strengths and weaknesses that you can leverage with. One other simple strategy is to learn from the games of professional players, this way you can create your own strategies to enhance your gameplay.

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