Warner Bros. New Fighter Game Is The SuperHero Mashup We’ve Been Waiting For

Warner Bros. New Fighter Game Is The SuperHero Mashup We’ve Been Waiting For

Warner Bros. has quietly been leaking concepts and rosters for the past few months for their newest game called MultiVersus. Now it seems as though their partnership with Player First Games has come to fruition and their latest platform fighter game is set to debut on a variety of consoles in 2022 as a free to play gaming option.

The company has said that their game will be playable on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC and PS4 & PS5. Talk about an all-star console line up! If you’re too impatient to wait for the full game to debut, it seems that they’re still taking on play testers, which means if you’re very lucky, you could be accessing the game on the MultiVersus site very soon.

Playability And Characters

If the play concepts that have been released are anything to go by, then the game will build on the concepts laid out by the games in the Super Smash Bros series. As opposed to using only Nintendo’s list of favourite characters, it seems as though MultiVersus will be using the huge library of characters which are under the WarnerMedia’s label, including intellectual property of superhero favourites such as Batman and Superman, as well as Wonder Woman, Finn the Human, Garnet and Arya Stark.

The company has reported that they will be releasing even more characters soon, but so far they’ve revealed a roster that has includes: Bugs Bunny, Harley Quinn, Jake the Dog, Shaggy, Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, and an original character that’s called Reindog.

While it looks to be very similar in concept to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, it sets itself apart from the get-go by letting MultiVersus focusing predominantly on 2v2 battles so that character duos can team up to maximise their powers in new ways. Which could be anything from Arya Stark face-swapping to bring on a laser vision attack from Superman to Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth pairing up with Buggs Bunny and his burrowing ability.

Some of the online infrastructure that the game will have includes full cross-play support, as well as dedicated servers, and a winning option of rollback netcode which should help to keep gameplay and matches going smoothly, even if there’s a low-speed internet connection between players.

Voice Acting

Another way in which MultiVersus will set itself apart from similar fighter-style games is that they haven’t been shy in recruiting the original talented voice actors of these characters into their cast. Tara Strong will be Harley Quinn, Maisie Williams as Arya, Daniel DiVenere as Steven Universe, Kevin Conroy as Batman and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy are just a few of the popular voices you can look forward to reprising their roles.

Game Additions

Already, fans who’ve been following the promotional video drops have started putting hopes and pleas in the comments, with many loving the free to play aspect the game touts. Some fans are hoping that it will include weekly rotations of character squads like popular player game Brawlhalla, along with the usual hopes of a generous coin pay out like you get in the tragamonedas Chile makes available for winning team combinations, with which to buy and potentially upgrade characters.

Most users waiting for the game, however, are hoping that the developers will keep cosmetic changes to characters as a payable option.

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