Netflix Sequels Fantasy And Sci Fi Fans Cant Wait For

Netflix Sequels Fantasy And Sci Fi Fans Cant Wait For

For any avid sci fi and fantasy fans, it seems as though 2022 has a host of exciting new and sequel shows to look forward to. While there are plenty of streaming platforms with series we can’t wait to dive into, the follow releases on Netflix have us following along for the latest news – especially the Witcher 3!

Dota Dragon’s Blood (book 2)

This intensely well adapted fantasy anime is based on the MOBA game of the same name. Season one follows the story of Dragon Knight Davion, who hunts dragons down to kill in order to make the world a safer place. In a fun plot twist, Dragon Knight Davon has his soul merged with an elder dragon and the duo set off on a demon hunting spree.

Complex characters, world building and storyline arcs make this an easy series to get into. Which is why we can’t wait for its second season! Created by studio MIR, the second season of this hit show is bound to have plenty of mesmerising action just like the tragamonedas Peru offers, and it may even herald in a few new characters.

Ghost in the Shell – SAC 2045 (season 2)

A very popular anime from the 2000’s and a manga, GITS: SAC 2045 brought a fresh take on Major and the Section 9 team in a full computer-generated image format. This intensely intricate take on fan-beloved characters was brought to life with photo-realism and 3D graphics which included motion sensor tech to create the fluid and realistic motions of the characters. It’s a great idea to acquaint yourself with the GITS: SAC 2045 Sustainable Warfare – which recaps the first seasons 12 episodes.

Shadow and Bone (season 2)

Based on the hit book series the Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone had a very successfully received first season which aired April 2021, and now that the second season of it has been commissioned, things are starting to pull together behind the scenes.

The first season delved into the books and brought most of the areas to light, introducing that Alina Starkov is the sun summoning Grisha, that general Kirigan aka Darkling (a shadow wielder) cannot be trusted despite his charismatic introduction, and did we mention that Alina’s childhood friend has a huge crush on her?

While the cast for the first season returns to their characters, there are some new faces to be added to the ensemble. New characters will include an introduction to the pirate-like Sturmhond – who you later find out is prince Nikolai Lantsov, Tamar Kir-Bataar, the twin sister of Tolya who is also to be introduced, as well as Wylan Van Eck, who joins up with the beloved misfit band of Crows.

The Umbrella Academy (Season 3)

With the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy giving viewers a whirlwind trip with Five saving his siblings in season one, to having Vanya not allowing Harlan to destroy everything after giving him powers like hers in season 2.The Umbrella Academy team then returned to the headquarters, only to find it overrun with people claiming it’s the Sparrow Academy – and in a fun twist – having Reginald Hargreeves alive and well.

With plenty of mysteries to solve in the coming season, along with plenty of easter eggs if the last two shows are anything to go by, then viewers are definitely in for a treat once it returns to Netflix’s line-up next year.

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