Lupin 3 is In The Works – And Why You Should Be Thrilled

Lupin 3 is In The Works – And Why You Should Be Thrilled

The French Netflix hit Lupin has been so popular that it spawned a part 2 just a few months after the original debuted, and Netflix has recently announced that Lupin part 3 is now in production. They announced this news on Twitter, in a tweet that featured a photograph of master thief Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy) smiling, with the Parisian skyline in the background.

The show received an amazing 97% liking on Rotten Tomato, while IMDB has given the show a solid 7.9 out of 10 rating. For fans who already have watched shows like Leverage and White Collar, Lupin is a natural follow on and is set to be right up your alley.

What Is Lupin About

Lupin follows the storyline of professional thief Assane Diop who took to the profession after his father was wronged by a rich family called Pellegrinis. He set out to avenge his father and was greatly inspired by the fictional character Arsène Lupin, who was a popular gentleman thief in the time.

The storyline follows Assane who uses his plentiful charisma to engage in subterfuge, disguise, thievery and other tricks in order to expose the Pellegrini family’s many, many crimes. Part One aired on Netflix on 8 January 2021, while Part 2 was well received when it followed later in June. The audience of part 1 was over 70 million households around the world in the first month that it debuted, making I the most watched show on Netflix at the time.

Every good show worth it’s salt not only needs a charismatic lead, but an all-star ensemble, and Lupin has characters to love and loathe in spades!

Omar Sy is best known for his roles in The Untouchables, Jurassic World, while the other main role has Vincent Londez as the counterpart to Omar as Capitaine Romain Laugier. Capitaine Romain is the head of the French police force who meets Assane while searching for a missing Marie-Antoinette’s necklace. Other notable characters include Juliette Pellegrini played by Clotilde Hesme (& the young counterpart played by Léa Bonneau), Claire, portrayed by Ludivine Sagnier (while Ludmilla Makowski plays the teenage counterpart). Shirine Boutella, Antoine Gouy, and Hervé Pierre also play significant roles. Parts one and two of Lupin were written by François Uzan and George Kay. Part one was directed by Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said, while part 2 was directed by Hugo Gélin and Ludovic Bernard. No details have been released as to who is directing part 3, yet.

What To Expect From Part 3

Very few details have been released on Lupin part 3 right now, however George Kay, its co-creator, has noted in a few interviews that the next instalment will have Assane moving on from the main arcs created in parts 1 and parts 2.

Which means we’re likely going to have some more characters from our leading man’s past showing up, especially as he’s now planning to leave Paris – though if the promotional picture is anything to go by, he hasn’t gotten very far indeed. Though there’s plenty of speculation from fans as to who it is who’ll be returning, it seems as though we’re just going to have to wait for it to air to get answers. It’s as exciting as waiting for the results of the apuestas deportivas Chile offers!

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