Fortnite Crossover Events - Has A New One Been Hinted At

Fortnite Crossover Events – Has A New One Been Hinted At

With Epic Game’s battle royale shooter Fortnite having successfully completed a Naruto crossover event, it’s no wonder that the company has set its sights on the next big thing, which may – or may not be – a spiderman crossover.

One of the most popular crossovers to date, the Naruto Shippuden crossover has recently come to the game, and it’s already spawned a ton of memes featuring Susuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto doing everything from taking joyrides to doing top TikTok dances. There are even accounts dedicated to creating famous memes in-game and these have drawn tons of comments and likes across multiple platforms.

One of the top new crossover surprises for Fortnite and Naruto Shippuden fans was that the game crossover not only brought character skins to the platform, along with numerous items which can be bought and worn in game, as is usual, but Fortnite went a step further. They brough the entire Ninja Village into the game and made it available for fans to explore.

The Hidden Leaf Village features heavily in the anime, and for the first time in Fortnite, the detailed Creative Hub aka Hidden Leaf Village appeared – it was a custom-built landscape that let gamers free to roam the fictitious ninja home base and roam it they did. Many users now hope that future crossover events bring the same level of love and detail to their releases since it was such a huge highlight.

Skins and items from previous Fortnite crossover events have included Paul Atreides from Dune, Batman, Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead and Ariana Grande. Fortnite has also done other Marvel hero crossover events previously, such as Captain America and Deadpool. So, while crossover events are a frequent feature in the Fortnite world, a leak account that follows the company seems to have fuelled a recent rumour that they’ll be partnering with Marvel in order to bring everyone’s favourite neighbourhood spider into the mix.  

Is A Spiderman Crossover Imminent

One of the most popular leak accounts associated with Fortnite is Fortnite Intel on Twitter, who has given fans the idea that in the chapter 9 iteration of the game, there’ll be a new web-slinging hero brought into the mix. The chapter 9 game release has yet to be decided, but fans are already speculating that the Marvel movie Spiderman: No Way Home which will be released on 17 December, may be when the new crossover event drops for fans – or is officially announced.

Another Fortnite dataminer called Shiina has reportedly also corroborated this information. Along with the acrobatic superhero being introduced, several Fortnite players have hypothesised that the “WestSausage” – a mysterious new object that hints at swiping physics which aren’t currently in game – may be tied to a web-swinging mechanic. If so, the spiderman crossover has a lot going for it. Only time will tell, however, how true these rumours are.

Other Upcoming Fortnite Crossover Events

The Book of Boba Fett is another potential Fortnite crossover that has piqued fans interest just like tragamonedas Chile games, and it was officially announced recently. However, it has yet to be revealed if this partnership will only bring aesthetic skins into the mix, or some additional cool features in a battle royale format.

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