Want to get more people to watch your Instagram videos? Try Stormlikes today!

Want to get more people to watch your Instagram videos? Try Stormlikes today!

Do you know why people sometimes scroll past videos in their Instagram feeds?

The reason is that many people have watched too many wack Instagram videos to last a lifetime. Therefore, they aren’t prepared to spend another minute of their time watching something that may not deliver on expectation.

Now, when somebody sees a random video from an account they know little of, they just scroll past it because they fear it might be a waste of time.

How to convince people your videos are worth watching

However, there’s a way you can convince people your own videos are worth their time.

How? You wonder.

Show them that thousands of others are already watching your videos.

Nobody likes to miss out on anything, absolutely nobody. When users see that a lot of other users are watching a particular video, they assume immediately that that video has got to be special.

Simple Case Study:

Imagine that you see these two videos in your Instagram feeds or IGTV; which one are you most likely going to click on?

The one with the 195k views, no doubt.

If 195k people are watching a video, you want to believe that that video has got some good stuff about it. And as such, you need to see for yourself.

The question I believe you’re asking now is: how will you show people that others are watching your videos when, in fact, nobody is watching it yet?

Well, the simple answer to that lies with Stormlikes.

Stormlikes is an Instagram view adding service that is in the business of selling Instagram views to people.

If you’re looking to show people that others are already watching your videos, then there’s no better place to buy Instagram video views than Stromlikes.

Buying Instagram views guarantees more natural views

People tend to watch videos with more views and sometimes will pass over videos that don’t have enough views. This ‘social proof’ concept is what makes us choose the busiest pubs and restaurants ahead of other less crowded ones.

If there are more people there, it must be better.

If you are looking to develop or establish your brand, you’ll need others to see you as an authority within your field.

High-quality video content with plenty of views will certainly help you to achieve this goal.

If you are looking to boost your success by collaborating with known influencers or niche experts, a higher view count might also help with the first steps and introductions.

As you can imagine, as your video views go up, more people will be attracted to your page, and your exposure and reach will also increase.

Other things you can do to get more viewers on your Instagram videos

Buying views to give your videos the boost they need to attract other viewers is not the only way to get lots of views on Instagram videos.

Sometimes the reason a video isn’t getting enough views might be because the video isn’t well exposed – that is, people don’t see it.

When this is the case, buying views may not solve all the problems.

There are other strategies you must implement.

We’ve discussed some of them below.

In this section, we intend to discuss:

  1. How to Get More Instagram Stories views
  2. How to Increase views of videos in feeds
  3. How to get more Instagram IGTV Views

How to Get More Instagram Stories views

Use location and hashtag stickers

There are two types of location stickers. The first is the literal location sticker, which allows you to tag an address or physical location in your story. The second is the city-specific stickers, which show up based on your location.

Yep. These cute stickers do more than show your followers what city you’re in. They’re clickable and can help your story become a part of the get larger location story that appears on the explore page.

Additionally, you can also use popular, trendy hashtag stickers in your stories to expand your video’s reach. This will ensure that people that aren’t even your followers get to see your video.

Use engagement driving stickers

After posting your video on Stories, you can follow it up with an engagement sticker featuring a poll, quiz, brain teaser, questions, or what have you. Just make sure whatever engagement driving sticker you choose aligns with the preceding video.

Look at what this guy did.

After posting his video, he followed it up with a question-type engagement sticker in the next carousel.

How does this translate to more views, you wonder?

Have you ever noticed that the first few stories at the top of your feed are usually those of your friends and favorite brands/celebrities?

Look at mine.

The reason is that the Instagram algorithm automatically sorts the stories of accounts you follow in order of who you interact with the most.

Therefore, these engagement-driving stickers are incredibly useful for getting more consistent views as your fans interact with your stories, and you land a spot at the front of their story queue.

How to Increase views of videos in feeds

Find out your best performing video type and create more of it

By now, you must have created and published a couple of videos on your account. Find out which one has performed best – that is, gained the highest number of views.

Once you identify this video, start creating more of it. The reason that video has the most views is probably because your followers enjoy the style more.

Add 6-10 hashtags to your videos

The first tip above will ensure your followers don’t skip past your videos. But this second tip will ensure your video gets exposed to new and larger audiences.

Find out the best hashtags befitting your video theme, and add between 6 and 10 to your videos. As much as possible, try to avoid oversaturated hashtags, as they tend to be too competitive to give you the exposure you need.

Always tag a location

People sometimes search on IG as they do on Google. For example, someone may come to Instagram and search for “cute Los Angeles dogs.”

If your videos are about dogs in this area, and you’re always tagging LA in all your posts, Instagram will show you to this searcher.

How to get more Instagram IGTV Views

Share short clips of IGTV videos on your Instagram Story

To increase IGTV views, create an eye-catching story that will make viewers want to click it and then watch your full video.

If you like, you can put this short clip in a carousel-format story, followed by an engagement driving remark, quiz, poll, or question that compels people to want to take action.

Cross-promote IGTV videos

The beauty of IGTV videos is they’re always long enough to hold viewer’s attention. Unlike stories that end after 60-seconds, IGTV videos last for minutes. And as such, it makes sense to ask people from other channels to come into IG to watch them.

For example, creating teaser videos for Facebook will give that particular audience a taste of what your IGTV entails. If they like what they see, they will likely click the link to your IGTV and hopefully give you a follow, so they can view your content again in the future.

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