How to Unlock Mobile Legends Skins Permanent

How to Unlock Mobile Legends Skins Permanent

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is one of the most playing MOBA games around the global village. Among MOBA games MLBB (Mobile Legend Bang Bang) is getting fame and players showing huge interest in the game.

There are too many things that create the game star of our eyes. Furthermore, it gains interest through the list of massive skins. There are 6 roles in-game and each role contains further categories. Skins increase the ability of your character, so you can fight every batter with premium skins.

But miserably Mobile Legend Bang Bang doesn’t provide all the skins free of cost. Some of the basic skins free of cost and if you willing to use premium skins then you have to spend your hard-earned money for buying skins. But you don’t need to worry about it because in this post I will tell you about “How to Unlock Mobile Legend Bang Bang Skins”.

We have already shared that you can access premium skins without paying their actual cost. Due to this many peoples lose their interest and leave the game. On the other hand, peoples searching for tricks and cheats and to access them. So, in the article also help you out if you relate to those people’s category. So, without wasting any more let come to the main point.

EZ Stars:

EZ Stars APK is a handy Android-based application that is especially for the lovers of Mobile Legend Bang Bang. EZ Stars is not afflicted with MoonToon, it is 3rd party application which is made by developer EZ Hunter FC to give some advanced features. Additionally, it will allow you to unlock Mobile Legend Skins free of cost. It contains all skins of Markman skins, Assasin skins, Mage skins, Fighter skins, Tank skins, and Support skins. You can use all those skins on Mobile Legend Bang Bang anytime, anywhere. And you can also get back to the original format as well.

As we have earlier said, that this application is not from an official source. And due to this app is not available on Google Play Store as well. Therefore, you need to enable the unknown source setting to install the application, if you error print on the device screen.

Zolaxis Pacther:

Zolaxis Patcher is ye another best injector from the county Philippines also popular with title ZPatcher Injector.

This is another skin unlocked application that provides you unlimited MLBB character skins free of cost. Along with skins, you can also unlock emotes and other MLBB hacks which are quite beneficial on a battlefield.


Using the given above applications EZ Stars and Zolaxis Patcher you can unlock all types of epic skins for your gaming heroes. More premium skins will transfer more power to your character, in this way you can easily win matches against pro players.

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