LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Grow

LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Grow

With over 600 million users, LinkedIn is one of the best social networking platforms that brands can use to build their brand awareness as well as build a solid relationship with their consumers. When used effectively, LinkedIn can not only boost brand awareness, it can also increase traffic to your business, leading to significant growth. This is why marketers need to take much interest in LinkedIn Marketing. In addition to that, there are automation tools such as Prospectin that can help automate routine activities. Of course, this makes running your LinkedIn account quite easier.

Why LinkedIn marketing?

But why should you consider LinkedIn marketing? Perhaps this is the question that is popping into your head. And it is justified because you want to ensure that you channel your effort, money, and time into something that will deliver results.

A recent survey has shown that LinkedIn has helped more than 45% of marketers with customer acquisition. LinkedIn has also been proved to generate leads more than Facebook. In addition to that, LinkedIn accounts for more than 80% of B2B leads.

Of course, all these figures show that there are plenty of reasons why businesses should focus their efforts on LinkedIn marketing.

Tips to help businesses get the most out of LinkedIn marketing

Now let’s move to the important part of this article- how brands can market on LinkedIn. Here are tips for marketing on this powerful platform:

1. Optimize your company profile

While this may seem quite obvious, but it is quite easy to ignore it, especially when you are focusing more on advanced LinkedIn marketing strategies. Your company profile is very important. It is what will form the first impression of your brand in the user’s mind.

Therefore, this means that you need to optimize your company profile. Start with a high-quality picture that is relevant to your brand. Having a high-quality picture can make you get noticed faster. Mention your products and services, as well as your website URL. Another way to optimize your profile is by filling out the company description. Use this space to tell your brand story and what you believe makes you different from your competitors. This is your perfect opportunity to connect with potential leads, so don’t let but go to waste.

2. Post useful and engaging content

We live in an era where people just want to consume high-quality and informative content. So if you are used to posting some pathetic content, just know that nobody will care to read it. B2B marketers who prioritize their audience’s information needs make up over 80% of the top performers in content marketing.

When you create, publish, and share content that serves some purpose, whether it is to inform, educate, entertain, or inspire your audiences, it increases your chances of getting the audience to engage with your content and establish a connection with your brand. And when they engage with your post, chances are that they will show up in the feeds of your connections which can help increase traffic, and ultimately, sales.  Some of the things you can post include blog posts on current and trending topics, listicles, the latest industry news, etc. Here is how to create LinkedIn post that your network will engage with.

3. Leverage your employees

One thing about LinkedIn is that it is all about the connections you make. Since your employees are among the most reliable advocates of your brand, they can play an essential role in expanding your reach.  This is why it’s a good idea to heavily involve your employees in your LinkedIn marketing strategies.

One of the best ways you can involve them is by encouraging them to include your company on their personal profiles. This will turn them into followers and help increase your brand’s awareness.

4. Join and participate in relevant groups

 LinkedIn Groups are very effective when it comes to finding an audience interested in your niche. These groups are vital as they provide people with similar interests with a platform to discuss any topic, ask questions, as well as get answers to their queries.

The best thing would be to look for groups in your niche or industry where you can contribute. And it is not just about joining a group and being a passive member; you need to be an active member and participate actively in discussions, answer questions, and post content. This is the only way you will get noticed. And of course, it can help identify you as an industry expert, which can eventually lead to a large following on LinkedIn.

5. Invest in LinkedIn Ads

When it comes to ad options on LinkedIn, there are managed campaigns and self-service advertisements.  Managed campaigns are for those people who want to outsource to companies or individuals to help them create and run their ad campaigns. Similarly, self-service advertisement is for people who handle their campaigns on their own.

No matter which option you choose, there are plenty of things you can do with LinkedIn ads. These ad options can help you display your ads to the right people at the right time.

6. Always measure your results

To get the most of LinkedIn marketing, you need to analyze your efforts regularly. If you don’t track and measure your performance, how will you know if your efforts are paying off or going to waste? Fortunately, LinkedIn has a built-in analytics tool that you can utilize to measure your performance.

LinkedIn’s Analytics can help you see:

  • The total number of page views
  • The total number of likes, clicks, comments, and shares you have had over a certain period of time
  • The total number of followers you have got and how many new followers you have gained in the last one month

Wrapping up

Without any doubt, LinkedIn is one of the best marketing channels that can help you grow your business. When people think about a more professional online networking site, the first site on their mind is LinkedIn. You have no reason not to let your business be known on this platform.

With over half a billion members, your business will get the exposure it needs. And you can only achieve that if you use it effectively. Follow the tips given above, and you will be surprised at how much LinkedIn can help your business grow.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.