The Biggest Hair Trends For Women

The Biggest Hair Trends For Women

They say change is as good as a holiday. Since travel was on hold for so many in the last two years, it’s hardly surprising that the big trends for haircuts at the moment are edgy, bold and definitely require some confidence to cut. We’ve seen everything from bright colors to the return of the mullet for women in the last year. However, these are the styles that are the biggest right now:

1. Super, Super Short Pixie

One way to shake off the chaos of lockdown living is to literally shave it all off. Many people – from ordinary folk to major celebrities – are losing their locks and enjoying the hassle-free life that comes from a pixie cut. It’s all about that short back and sides, and then getting the top into a style that suits your face and your fashion.

2. The Undercut

If you don’t want to get rid of all of your hair, you can still get an edgy shaved look by going for an undercut. The style statement right now is to go big on the undercut and take away everything up to the tips of your ears. This works beautifully with hair that is shoulder length or longer.

We’ve seen an array of patterns being worked into the shaved area too, giving you a wow moment when you tie your hair up. Having fun with multiple colors on top is a fun addition to this edgy trend.

3. Blunt Ends

The soft, messy trend of multiple layers is out and the straight, blunt edge of hair one length is back. It doesn’t matter how long your hair is, you just need to make sure it’s the same length to pull this trend off. Your hair can also be straight, wavy or curly as long as the edge is straight.

The key to getting this right is knowing where you want your parting to sit. A dead center parting is very on-trend with this look and is the easiest to ensure your hair always looks right. If your parting is off to the side, make sure you can find the right place each time so that you don’t lose your strong lines. This is as important as getting the best odds when enjoying the lucky creek no deposit code delivers.

4. The Asymmetrical Bob

This style is super chic and can make anyone look ready for the office or for lunch with the ladies in a moment’s notice. It works for just about any face shape and can be done in a variety of ways. You can go for a long bob or a short, short bob – it’s all about framing your face with a strong edge.

It’s also versatile because you can choose to go short to longer from the back to the front in an A shape, or you can go shorter on one side of your face and longer on the other. It’s all about your own style. This cut is also a good one to match with the undercut for an even edgier look.

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