3 Brilliant Co-Op Adventure Games to Play With Friends

3 Brilliant Co-Op Adventure Games to Play With Friends

Chances are, if you’ve grown up in the last 30 years or so, you’ve probably got a soft spot somewhere in your heart for video games. Whether your taste is more geared to first-person shooters, RPGs, or strategy games, nothing beats getting lost in another world with your bestie. That’s why we’ve compiled our favourite co-operative adventure games!

Borderlands 3

This internationally celebrated title has a following like no other game, standing as one of the best in the looter-shooter genre. The third entry in Gearbox’s legendary series is filled to the brim with spot-on humour, zany characters, tons of quests, and over a billion weapons to discover. Borderlands 3 features multiple different planets with completely different environments to explore, and all filled with the oddest creatures that we’ve come to expect from a Borderlands game.

While the game offers a rewarding solo-player experience, the co-op is where it really shines. By combining the different vault hunter abilities, players can deliver incredible combinations to devastating effect. Unlike the previous games in the series, Borderlands 3 allows players to play together in the same world even if they differ widely in level. Thanks to loot instancing, each player also gets their own weapon drops, making for a fairer experience all round.  It also features a split-screen mode for couch co-op mayhem!

Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant is pretty much the first of its kind. By combining the challenging tactical gameplay of souls-like games with an emphasis on ranged combat, they’ve created a game that feels familiar to fans of the genre, while providing a fun twist.

Players are given a choice between 3 starter classes with which they’ll explore the dark post-apocalyptic world. You’re tasked with battling an evil enemy called The Root, a creepy race of angry plant-like creatures. Players can get together in groups of 3 and explore the areas in a randomised order, encountering different bosses as you go. That, and the good amount of interesting loot, weapons and armour to be found and crafted, ensures that the game feels fresh on every play-through, just like when you play at onlinebingoaustralia.co.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the highest-ranking RPG games on PC to date. The developers side-stepped the tendency for simplicity, creating something far more complex and intriguing. There are a lot of mechanics and tactics for new players to get their head around, but once they do, it’s an incredibly rewarding and fun experience.

Players can choose from premade characters with backstories and agendas or create their own – blank canvas with the freedom to write their own story. From there, you’re thrown into a sprawling story about a world where magic is outlawed, and the end of days is not far away. As you explore the fascinating world with up to 3 of your friends, you’ll quickly realise there’s a quirky, fun kind of logic underlying everything.

That’s it for the top 3 favourite co-op games. Give them a try with your gamer besties and get lost in one of these diverse and rewarding worlds!

John Norwood
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