Is Concrete Good for Business Flooring?

Is Concrete Good for Business Flooring?

Concrete is one of the most common building materials and it serves as a great alternative to other flooring materials such as wood, stone, marble, tile, carpet, and linoleum.

In the past, many people were reluctant to use concrete flooring as it was considered unflattering and dull. In recent years, however, many new methods of decorating and beautifying concrete floors have been discovered and more people are now choosing it as their preferred flooring material.

Regardless of this many people still wonder whether or not concrete is a good flooring material for business flooring, this article gives an overview of the pros and cons of choosing concrete for your business or commercial flooring.


One of the famous characteristics of concrete flooring is its durability, which is very important for commercial spaces. The material can withstand excessive force from large equipment and foot traffic from visiting customers or clients.  The material is also resistant to a lot of unfavorable conditions such as moisture, fire, odors, and stains. With consistent cleaning, resealing, and waxing, concrete flooring can last a very long time, even a lifetime.

In addition, concrete offers a wide range of decorating and styling options that will boost the appearance of the commercial or business space. Decorative concrete options such as stained concrete, stamped concrete, and colored concrete can be added to the floor to make it much more aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete floors are considered safer than many other flooring materials such as tiles and vinyl. The material is naturally slip-resistant and a great option for spaces that will be visited regularly by children or elderly people. Many business owners also prefer concrete floors as it requires very little maintenance.


Although concrete flooring is known to have many benefits, there are also a few drawbacks associated with using it as a flooring material.

One of the major drawbacks is that it requires occasional resealing. Sealed concrete is important to prolong its lifespan, it protects the concrete from freeze-thaw, stain, dust, abrasion, and chemicals, and allows it to maintain its attractive, glossy appearance. Thus, it is important to regularly reseal your concrete floors.

Due to constant compressive and vibrational forces, concrete may begin to develop cracks and when this occurs, the business owner will need to hire the help of a contractor to help patch it. This is however avoidable if the concrete is properly maintained.

In addition, concrete is often cold and uncomfortable to stand on for long hours. Thus, areas, where employees will stand for long hours, may need to be covered with rugs for comfort and warmth.

Best Concrete Finishing for Business Flooring

If after reading the above pros and cons, you have decided to choose concrete flooring for your commercial or business area then you may want to read on. These are some of the best concrete flooring finishing options to choose from.

. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a glossy, highly attractive, and smooth floor that is easy to clean and is a very popular option among business owners because of its versatility and longevity.

Polished floors, however, need to be repolished as it usually starts to look dull after a few years, especially in high traffic areas. Besides, polished floors are only good for retail or hospitality businesses, as it can be easily stained with oils or chemicals if it is used to floor an industrial space.

. Epoxy Finish

Concrete can be coated with epoxy to protect it from wear and tear caused by heavy equipment and machinery. An epoxy coating gives the concrete extra thickness and durability and is also a great option for repairing old and damaged concrete.

Epoxy finishing is done after the concrete has been ground only once. A well-applied epoxy finish will protect the concrete floors from chemicals, oils and other stains often found in industrial spaces.


In summary, concrete flooring is one of the best and likely the most common flooring material. It is popular among business owners for its versatility, longevity, and low maintenance and many of the drawbacks associated with using concrete flooring can be avoided with proper installation and maintenance. Feel free to reach out to Concrete Contractors Midland TX for any additional information or with any questions you may have.

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