What Kind of Trees Should I Have In My Yard?

What Kind of Trees Should I Have In My Yard?

Many homeowners who are passionate about gardening always plant some trees at some point. Rather than pick trees based on the topography and location of the planting site, many of them only focus on the tree’s ability to offer shade from the sun during hot summer periods.

It is dangerous to plant some trees so close to a property as they may grow deep, strong roots that can cause severe damage to the foundation of a house. Other trees grow way too high and can collapse suddenly during serious storms, damaging the properties around them.

It is thus very important to research extensively before deciding on which kind of tree to plant in your yard to avoid regretting it in the future. Some trees are beautiful and will improve the appearance of the home, may not provide a canopy. Also, if you want a tree for its ability to shield from the sun, and intend to lay under it, you may want to avoid trees that bear fruits. Here are the 3 best trees to plant in your yard.


Dogwood trees are excellent for large yards, they offer shade, privacy, and aesthetics to your yard. The tree produces flowers of a mixture of red, white, and pink colors during the spring and drops its leaves to showcase attractive branches in the winter. The tree has a variety almost everywhere in the USA, which makes it one of the most common flowering trees in the country.

Japanese Cherry

Although these trees are small enough to fit right into a small yard, they provide an adequate amount of shade. The tree is usually about 40 to 50 inches in height and 20 to 50 inches in width, it depends greatly on sunlight to survive and grow so it should not be planted beside a much larger tree or under some other type of shade.

The tree has a misleading name; it does not produce cherries or any other fruits. Which makes it perfect for a yard, as it requires a less regular clean-up. The tree however produces beautiful white and pink blooms during the spring. If you are passionate about gardening, the Japanese Cheery tree is a great signal for the start of the gardening season. 

Saucer Magnolias

The Saucer Magnolia tree is big, it is thus best suited for large yards rather than small or medium ones. It is usually about 12 to 25 inches tall and 12 to 20 inches wide and requires partial to full sunlight to survive and grow.

The tree is most common in the southern parts of the USA than in other parts of the country, it can be identified by its glossy, lush green leaves and big white flowers that are often extremely beautiful in the spring. The tree does not however strive well in areas that experience late frost as the flowers are often killed just before they open up, in situations like this, you can get the hybrid that blooms weeks later.


It is important to do extensive research before choosing the type of tree to be planted in your yard as it will help you prevent planting trees that can cause damage or accidents. Several kinds of trees are appropriate for back and front yards and deciding one will depend on why you want a tree. Call Oahu Tree Service for more expert tree information.

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