Get Familiar with FaceBook Advertising Procedure

Get Familiar with FaceBook Advertising Procedure

Facebook has a huge potential when it comes to the marketing of the business. If used the right way, Facebook marketing can work wonders.

The procedure of Advertising on Facebook

You will require a Facebook business page. Once you have set up a business page, move to the Facebook Ad Manager or Business Manager, where you can make your Facebook ad campaign.

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab in the Facebook ads manager section. Now select ‘create’ to begin with a new Facebook Ad campaign. You may choose from 11 marketing objectives based on the intent of your business. Following are the options available:
  2. Brand Awareness – Used for introducing your brand to a new audience base.
  3. Reach – To cater the ad to the maximum audience.
  • Traffic – To divert the traffic to a particular app, web page, or Facebook messenger conversation.
  1. Engagement – To reach out to a wider audience and increase the number of post engagements or followers on a page, attendants at an event, and so on.
  2. App installs – To get the maximum number of users to install the app.
  3. Video reviews – To get increase the number of people watching your videos.
  • Lead generation- For new prospects into the sale.
  • Messages – Attract people to contact you.
  1. Conversions – Make people undertake specific actions on your website, like buy the product.
  2. Catalogue sales- Connect the ads on Facebook to your product yours to a project before the people that product which they are likely to buy.
  3. Store traffic- Drive the traffic.
  4. Click on ‘continue’ now name the ad campaign and declare if it fits into any of the specially formed categories.
  5. Click on ‘next’. You’ll see the name of your ad set at the top of the screen. Choose the page to promote. At this stage, decide how much money you can afford to spend on a Facebook Ad campaign. You have the option to choose from a daily or lifetime budget.
  6. Scroll down and start building the targeted audience for the ads. You can select from targeted location, age, gender, and language.
  7. Choose the placement of your Ad – For the ease of new users, Facebook provides the option of ‘Automatic placements’.
  8. Set brand safety and cost controls – select the type of content that would be inappropriate for appearing with your ad. Finally, customize the bidding strategy and add optimal bid control. Once done, check all the estimates and click on ‘Next.
  9. Create the Ad – Choose the Ad format and after that, add text and media for the Ad. Use the ‘Preview’ tool to assure that all look as planned. After that, click on ‘Publish’.

Avail expert services.

All these procedures can be time-consuming, and many clients do not have the time to invest in such Ad making. Effective marketing will require technical know-how about marketing.

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