How To Prevent Eyeglasses From Fogging While Wearing A Mask

How To Prevent Eyeglasses From Fogging While Wearing A Mask

The pandemic has brought in many drastic changes in our lives, and it has been more than two years that we have been trying to adjust to the so-called “new normal”. However, there are some things that we are still struggling to get accustomed to. And as eyeglass wearers, the struggle is real when it comes to keeping our eyeglasses from fogging up while wearing a mask.

No matter how expensive your cat eye glasses are, there is no way you can avoid that mask-induced fog while wearing specs. Or is there a way to prevent this situation?

Well, there is not one, but several ways to prevent foggy glasses when you are wearing a mask. Let us find out how.

1. Does your Mask Fit Properly?

More than a trick, this is perhaps the most basic check to ensure that your mask is proper and serves its purpose. Wearing a loose-fitting mask will never offer you the needed health safety, and, will also make your glasses foggy with the exhaled air directly escaping through it and hitting the inner surface of your glasses.

Make sure you wear a mask that can be folded or comes with a metal strip at the nose bridge which is soft moldable and also holds its place firmly without pressing hard on your skin. When you wear a properly fitted mask, it will limit the amount of warm exhaled air that hits your lenses and makes them foggy.

If you already wear a mask that fits your face correctly, then you can

2. Seal the Edges of your Mask with a Tape

This is a common hack that many doctors and healthcare workers have adopted, wherein you stick a double-sided adhesive tape over the nose bridge and then put your mask on. Using this double-sided adhesive tape to seal the mask from inside ensures that the air you breathe out does not travel up to your glasses and form a foggy layer. You might want to use an extra piece of tape or cellophane to place it at the bridge of your nose over the mask.

3. Wash your Glasses with Soap Water

This is another simple method that many people have found to be working effectively. What you need to do here is just wash the lenses of your spectacles with soap water, and then shake off to get rid of the excess water. Then, let your glasses air dry, or wipe them gently with a piece of soft cotton fabric or a microfiber cloth. After this, you can wear them along with your mask.

The logic behind washing your specs with soap water is that soap leaves a microscopic film on the surface of the lenses, which reduces the inherent surface tension and causes the water molecules to be present as a transparent layer. This prevents the formation of water vapor or fog, once you wear your glasses with a mask. However, you must never use harsh detergents, shaving creams, or shampoos to wash your glasses, since they can easily damage the lenses. Use normal soap water only, for the safest use.

4. Go for Anti-Fog Lenses

Anti-fog lenses are the greatest gift for eyeglass wearers in this pandemic era. These are not just amazing, but a great deal more convenient when you know that you have to wear a mask no matter what! You can easily find anti-fog lenses for all kinds of frames so there will never be any restrictions to choosing a frame shape that you really like. The anti-fog coating is applied to the back or inner surface of the lenses which come with an anti-glare coating on the front. This coating reduces the surface tension, i.e. it repels humidity thereby preventing the formation of vapor on the surface of the glass. The result is a fog-free viewing experience, even while you are wearing a mask.


So, these are some of the most effective ways to prevent foggy glasses when you are wearing a mask. The next time you want to flaunt those brand-new chic glasses you shopped from SmartBuyGlasses, make sure to try out any of these tips to keep your lenses from fogging up.

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