How Has The Pandemic Affected People's Mental Health When It Comes To Dating?

How Has The Pandemic Affected People’s Mental Health When It Comes To Dating?

It’s crazy to think that the pandemic has been going on for around 2 years. We’ve all felt the presence of the virus in our day to day lives and the sad thing is, it’s near impossible to do anything about it.

It’s times like these when we feel lucky to be living with family, friends or with our significant others. The weight of the situation doesn’t seem as bad when you share it with someone, but if you fall in the “perpetually single” relationship status then things are not as easy.

Believe it or not, online dating has become very competitive after Covid first appeared. The singles of the world became more desperate for serious relationships as the feelings of loneliness and depression hit an all time high.

Online Dating

With barely any traditional meeting choices anymore, many singles out there turned their attention to online dating. In fact, the industry had a surge in popularity the last three years, but that’s not always a positive.

There’s a great deal of studies out there proving that online dating has caused many people to feel even more lonely and anxious than before. As mentioned above, the need for a more serious, meaningful relationship became universal, meaning that positive attention online became less effective in cheering people up.

Long-Distance Dating

For those in long-distance relationships, the pandemic hit them a bit harder than the rest. The general decrease in flights, as well as the necessary lockdowns have made it a much more tedious procedure than before.

Something interesting about this though, is that single people have also become more interested in giving long-distance relationships a try. Dating sites which allow you to choose your preferred location, like OKCupid, have reported that their users began changing them to “anywhere” or “worldwide” after the virus spread.

Casual Dating

The pandemic might have become the motive for many people to start looking for serious relationships, but there’s those who are still looking for a more casual, fleeting situation. When the “perpetually single” status is your choice, it’s not any easier finding a friend with benefits.

The pandemic has changed things a great deal and it’s likely going to continue doing so until it is completely eliminated. The dating scene took one of the biggest hits but it’s still standing, so it’s likely going to be around even in a post-pandemic world.

So, whether you’re single and looking to mingle, in a relationship trying to make it work from a long (or short) distance, or even looking for a buddy who can lick your wounds, sometimes all it takes is a little patience. So, put on those sweatpants, play a movie on Netflix and everything will be back to normal before you know it.

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