How to Recycle Your Old Car

How to Recycle Your Old Car

Recycling your old car is a great initiative. There are many options when it comes to getting rid of your vehicle, and one of the common practises is to scrap cars.

When it comes to the recycling process of your old car, it is not a difficult task, especially for the owner of the car. The first step is to enter your postcode and registration number into our online quote form, and generate a top, guaranteed quote in just 60 seconds.

Scrapping your vehicle can sometimes be seen as an untrustworthy method. In most cases, this is due to the bad experiences given by scrapping companies. Often these companies refuse to pay the car owners the right value for their vehicles. Or perhaps they run into unexpected costs or experience unreliable customer service.

To get the right value, you need to find the right company.  Take a look at the three markers that will help you decide if you can trust the scraping company or not.


When you are concerned about quality, always look for an experienced company. The company that has several years of experience under its belt has less chance of being fraudulent. Long years of service also mean that they have been loyal to their customers. You should always opt for companies that have a great reputation instead of those who are just offering the lowest quotes.


In the age of information, data may not indicate reality. Companies that state years of experience may not have that. This is why reviews are important. The Internet and social media has revolutionised business and customer interaction. Trusting a company has never become easier.

Go through the customer review page of a car scrapping company on Google or other social media platforms. This will make it easy to identify the right one.

Documentation and Pricing

A trusted company will always ask for the necessary documentation before scrapping your car or van. Every deal involves a specific type of documentation including the V5C, proof of ID and any vehicle history such as service and MOT. A company requesting and facilitating the necessary documentation signifies its authenticity. Generally, a fraudulent company will not bother about the documentation.

Pricing is also important. As stated above, there have been many cases where customers have had bad experiences. They have been provided with a specific quote at the initial stage but offered something else. So, it would be a wise decision to know all the extra expenses prior to proceeding to avoid confusion.

Follow the tips above to select the right scrapping company in any part of Britain. Scrap Cars For Cash offers comprehensive scrapping services in the East Midlands, West Midlands, London, Wales, and Scotland for residential and commercial clients.

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