How to choose winter tires

How to choose winter tires

Driving in snowy weather is inevitable, and if you’re not ready, you may find it hard to navigate the terrain at this time. A car, then you must come alive to the fact that the tires you used for the dry weather may not serve you. Thus you’ve to plan on new ones that will help you drive smoothly on the snowy roads.

Like a caring and responsible driver, you’re worried about how to go about buying new tires.

Can I help you? As a Forget about what your friends have told you about tires.

In this article, you get the right tips to help you strike a balance between your budget and quality.

What’s your tire size?

The first step is to know the size of your tires. When you get into a tire store, they’ll need to know the details; the summer tires and winter tires must be of the same size.

To get the size of your tires, check out the sidewall; there you’ll find a call similar to P134/40 R20.

The first number -134corresponds to the thread width- the tire part that touches the road, which is in millimeters.

The second pair -in this case, 40 represents the ratio between the top of the tire and the thread width.  

The last number- 20 is the interior diameter of the tire in inches.

With the above details, you should be able to get the right tire size for your car.

The terrain of your road

When choosing Ziemines padangos, this is a crucial aspect. Do you drive on highways, side roads, or city roads? If you’re always driving, then you need to look for high-quality tires. This is especially if you drive a car that is likely to skid like a compact car.

Compare different tires

Walking to the tire store is very crucial. Here you can compare the different tires available; the flexibility, grooves, and lateral fitness. For winter surfaces, choose tires with large grooves for better traction and are excellent in displacing snow and slush. Beware of some tires which look less expensive but offer poor handling capabilities and wear out faster.

Ask the right questions.

As you get into the tire store, you need to find answers to some of the questions that a sales rep would want to know. Ensure you know your tire size, the annual mileage, location, and, most importantly, your budget.

Do you want reinforced tires for better control when turning? – A good sales rep will take you through the tire threads available, the pros and cons for each.

Learn about braking and handling

Braking and handling are some of the aspects you must pay attention to when buying winter Padangos. All-seasons tires lose traction when temperatures get below 7° and, therefore, not safe for driving. Better tires would be more effective and reliable when handling.

In as much as you want to listen to friends and relatives, you will need to have the tips in place so that you’ve the right tires for the season. The right snow tires may look more expensive than the rest but will serve you better.

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