Reasons Why a Gift Hamper Basket is the Ideal Christmas Gift for a COVID Christmas

Reasons Why a Gift Hamper Basket is the Ideal Christmas Gift for a COVID Christmas

This is an unprecedented time for everyone with travel restrictions and social distancing. This makes it more convenient to connect to friends and family members. The best way to feel connected with the people you love is to send a hamper basket as a Christmas gift.

While sending the gift is a great gesture, it also serves as an important, valuable touchpoint to reiterate the value you offer to your loved ones. For many individuals, gifting has become standard practice, and the opportunity to forge strong bonds with people you love is too valuable to pass up. Hence, here are good reasons why the hamper basket is a convenient gift for COVID Christmas:

1. Many Options to Choose

Gift baskets come in different styles, and they may have a lot of items. Whether your recipients prefer healthy snacks or gourmet food and sweets, there is a Christmas hamper for everyone. 

For example, wine gift baskets are popular among adults, but sweet, and chocolate treat hampers are common for kids. Therefore, when gifting your loved ones during Christmas, you need to think about meeting all your family members’ desires. 

2. You Can Buy Online

Buying a Christmas hamper will save you from the stress and hassle of wading through a sea of frantic shoppers in a crowded shop. You can buy most of the hampers online, which will offer you a relaxing and stress-free way to do your shopping. 

The best thing about online shopping is that you don’t need to leave your home, battle the roads, find a car park, and make your way through the masses at one of the malls in town. Rather than that, you may get your pajamas on and shop in the comfort of your home. 

3. Unique Products 

Most of the premium Christmas hamper gifts in Australia are filled with many unique products, which are usually not found elsewhere. Every gift you offer will surely be loved by the people that you are close to. Therefore, rather than buying ordinary hamper gift for your loved ones, you can consider premium baskets loaded with many interesting and unique products, such as:

. Gourmet pasta sauces

. Earrings

. Delicious salsas

4. Affordability 

There are places and areas where you need to choose gifts according to financial and economic standards. Gift hampers are one of the things which are available at a good cost. If you are to send a few people gifts during Christmas, you need to buy a customized hamper at a reasonable cost. 

Christmas is a great time to show gratitude to the people that matters to you. The year is coming to a close, individuals are winding down for holidays, and on a lighter note, the budget is tighter. Hence, ending the year in a style and positive note, it’s important to buy affordable hamper gifts for Christmas. 

5. Worthy to Post on Social Media

There is no need for you to be bashful. Everyone knows that the most important part of giving and receiving gifts on Christmas is to post pictures on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

If you surprise your friends and family members with hamper gifts, you will get many likes when you show off online. 

6. Easy to Customize

With many options, such as ‘create your own hamper gift,’ you may handpick different products, which goes into the basket. Therefore, if you know the recipients properly, you may pick out all their favorites to customize them with their personal touch or taste. 

To be creative on this, you may have a good color theme for your basket. For example, you may select all red products, such as:

. Chilli sauce

. Raspberry melting moments

. Red wine

7. Take out all the Guesswork

Since hampers are loaded with many goodies and treats, they take out all the guesswork of deciding what to buy for loved ones. For individuals with some health problems, like gluten intolerance, there are gluten-free hampers. 

Such baskets offer particular needs by having gluten-free food products and items. As they also have different products, your recipients are bound to get something they like most and may give away the things they don’t. 

8. Fast Delivery

You can easily get online stores, which deliver hamper gifts the same day after ordering. However, you need to talk to one of the representatives to know whether the shop can provide you with last-minute gift options and have them delivered at your doorstep. 

9. Re-usable Basket

If you were lucky to get a Christmas hamper last year, and you are not sure of how to re-use the basket, there are many options of re-using it. Depending on the gifts you purchase, most of them come in beautiful and re-usable hampers. You may re-use the basket to send many gifts to one person or the whole family. 

Apart from sending gifts to another person using your basket, you can use it to add a neutral color in your bathroom and may also work perfectly for toilet rolls and toiletries. Other reusable options you may consider are:

. Planting flowers

. Tidying your car

. Making a pet bed

. Decluttering items, like scarves and boots

10. Deliver Gifts Anywhere

When you have a portable and strong hamper, which you may carry everywhere you go, the fear of messing up your gift does not lurk near at all. The best thing about hampers is that whichever gifts you want to send your loved ones, you may deliver them anywhere you want. All you will require is a delivery site to send gifts to your desired destinations. 

The Bottom Line!

Christmas is that time of the year where you either buy gifts for loved ones or grit your teeth and do away with it as fast as possible. Getting a perfect gift hamper, which your friends and family members love the most, may add unnecessary pressure to your November and December schedule.

Although Christmas hampers have greatly evolved and changed for the past few years, their major contents and purpose have remained the same. Therefore, in these unprecedented times, where everyone is cautious about their health, getting an affordable, reusable, unique, and customizable Christmas hampers online is a great option.

John Norwood
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