Disability Care Equipment

Disability Care Equipment

In the past, people with disabilities were immobile and needed constant care and assistance to do necessary tasks. As time passed, technology developed so much that the disabled can now drive themselves around.

Mobility caring enriches the quality of life for you. This review will look at some of the equipment that makes your life easier.

Different Types of Mobility Devices

Wheelchair development and mobile devices have made some tremendous progress over the last 50 years. From manually operated to electric, and from tilting to chairs you can use to participate in sports.

The ingenuity of walkers and mobility scooters makes life with a disability so much easier. Some types of wheelchairs are:

  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Paediatric wheelchairs
  • Sport wheelchairs
  • Outdoor wheelchairs
  • Standing ability wheelchairs
  • Versatile wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

Some manual wheelchairs are lightweight and can fold up, whilst some are heavy and strong to carry more weight. You maneuver yourself forward or backwards by pushing on the wheels.

Electric Wheelchairs

These chairs are battery operated and can last for more than five years if you maintain it well. It has a lever which you use to move around with.

Paediatric Wheelchairs

Paediatric chairs help children with specific motoric disabilities to move around more independently. These chairs are specialized for children to give them more confidence when interacting with peers.

Sport Wheelchairs

These chairs are mostly manual with large slanted wheels and smaller ones for additional agility. With its introduction, the opportunities for people with disabilities grew exponentially in sports such as basketball, racing, rugby and tennis.

Outdoor Wheelchairs

Outdoor wheelchairs have different speeds, style, size and shape. These are designed with next-level balance technology to allow you to go where no ordinary wheelchair can go.

Standing Ability Wheelchairs

Being in a sitting or lying position permanently is detrimental to your health. This wheelchair allows you to stand whenever you want to, giving you more freedom and the ability to do much more everyday things with motorized technology.

Versatility Wheelchairs

You purchase a wheelchair according to your needs. The Redman Power Chair has a combination of all types of wheelchairs. It’s regarded as the most versatile on the market, allowing you to sit, stand, and venture on all terrain.

This is just a few examples of the progress made concerning caring about the mobility of people with disabilities.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have been around since the mid-1950s. The seats swivel to assist you with getting out of it when the handlebars are in the way. They are perfect for when you need to travel long distances. It’s completely motorized and gives you a lot of independence.

There are a few types of scooters you can choose from. They are:

  • Four-wheel mobility scooters
  • Three-wheel mobility scooters
  • Boot scooters
  • Mid-sized scooters
  • Road scooters

The four-wheeler offers you better balance on surfaces that are not so even, while the three-wheel scooter gives you excellent manoeuvrability. The boot scooter is compact and doesn’t take up much storage space. You can assemble it in a matter of minutes without tools.

Mid-size scooters need a tax disc. It is slightly larger than the boot scooter and travels further at between 4-6mph. Road scooters reach speeds of 8mph. You can use them in parks and on the road.


When you reach a certain age and develop mobility problems, walkers become a fantastic option. Walkers assist with taking the weight off your legs. The progress made with the different types available will leave you in awe.

From normal rubber-tipped walkers to four-wheelers with brakes, and three-wheeled walkers. It is safe to use, does wonders for the confidence of elders and is affordable.


Mobility caring has done wonders by making life with a disability easier. It allows independence and gives you a better quality of life. The development possibilities for better chairs, scooters, and walkers are endless.