Best diet plan for weight loss in summer

Best diet plan for weight loss in summer

The summer season is the best time for those people who want to lose weight. You should take a balanced diet for weight loss. Please note the diet varies from person to person based on age, height, and physical activity, etc.

We have cravings in winter still it is difficult to shed weight. You tend to eat more to keep your body warm. During summers, you are out in sun more and exposed to Vitamin D that has been linked with weight loss.

 There are many fruits and vegetables available in summers that can help to reduce extra body fat. You can follow set your diet plan and follow it in the morning.

What should you start eating in your daily diet for weight loss?

The summer season brings fruits and vegetables beneficial in weight loss. You should make the most from them as some of these vegetables and fruits are the treasure box of nutrition. Here at buzinessbytes, check out what to eat for weight loss.

  • Breakfast: You all know that breakfast is an important meal of the day. Therefore, you can include oats, juices (mango and orange), vermicelli, and fruits in your diet. Chapatti along with vegetable curry can become a perfect option for brunch. Eat fresh fruits like apples and berries. 
  • Lunch: You are following a weight loss diet then keep your lunch meal oil-free. You can eat pulses that are rich in proteins, vegetables (bottle gourd and ridged gourd). Include cucumbers as a mid-day snack. Cucumbers are cool and hydrating raw veggie for your body. You can include juices in your mid-day snack that can keep your body hydrated in the summer heat.
  • Dinner: During summers, eat the super hydrating vegetables ridged gourd and bottle gourd with chapatti in your dinner. You can make these two vegetables in less oil and good for your stomach. 

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A list of things to keep in mind while following a weight loss diet is:

  • You should skip your breakfast and it is a necessary meal for your body. 
  • You should avoid eating oily food and highly processed food items like refined oil, butter, and vanaspati ghee. 
  • Eat-in small amounts in a day then having three large meals. 
  • To beat the summer heat you have to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, you should carry a water bottle with you. Add chia seeds in the water or carry infused water containing (orange or basils, mint +lemon). 
  • You can take yogurt, chaas, and curd that will ease your body’s digestion process. 
  • You should strictly avoid the aerated drinks like cold drinks and caffeine items tea and coffee as it contains more sugar will dehydrate your body. 
  • You should keep your dinner light for easy digestion. Do not take tea or coffee before or after dinner. It can affect your sleeping schedule.  
  • Avoid eating eggs you have to stay outside for work throughout the day. 
  • In breakfast during the summer season, do not consume ginger it can cause heartburn.
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