10 Reasons Why Businesses in Maryland Need SEO to Thrive

10 Reasons Why Businesses in Maryland Need SEO to Thrive

Search engine optimization goes well beyond just making sure you can be found by Google and others.

From demonstrating to the world your company’s authority and product offerings to building a broader community locally and globally, SEO is critical for Maryland businesses seeking an edge over the competition and an easy, cost-efficient way to grow their revenue streams.

Here are 10 reasons why Maryland businesses need SEO to thrive in the modern economy:

1. Free Marketing

Once established, SEO assets provide the owner with consistent, cost-efficient marketing over time that dwindles into the sub-pennies on the dollar.

2. Connecting with the Community

Making sure your business is relevant to local customers if often more complicated than you might imagine. Though people like to consider the Internet a global space, it is often those businesses that have mastered the local Internet search that thrive and expand to the greater stage.

3. The Global Marketplace

Speaking of the larger stage offered by the Internet, if your services or product are scalable and appropriate, the global marketplace offered to you by the Internet can help you realize new horizons in business that were impossible in the brick-and-mortar economy of the past.

4. Customer Relevance

Do you offer the services your customers want? Are you calling them by the names they use when searching for them on the Internet? From discovering new revenue verticals to tweaking the social media marketing of current products, SEO gives you a direct insight into how your customer or client thinks about the services you purport to offer.

5. Growing Your Business

One of the more revelatory experiences of the SEO journey is how much businesses learn about themselves that they didn’t know about before. Perhaps a business imagines itself as one kind of firm, yet Internet search users actually consider it something slightly different. From harmonizing marketing with reality to finding your customers where they are, SEO not only helps you grow your business but also find opportunities you didn’t know existed.

6. Finding New Opportunities

SEO not only sheds light on how people are searching for your company but also what is new on the horizon. Take, for example, the quintessential mom-and-pop salon service shop. Let’s say this shop notices a marked increase in the local search for the term balayage (a type of hair dyeing technique). Further noting that the salon does not offer this service, the web manager and salon manager could perhaps suggest it as a new service based upon its growing popularity in web search.

7. Establishing Authority

The Internet and SEO aren’t just about selling things but also a lot about establishing confidence in your product and service. You could publish blog posts on industry subjects, participate in online forums, or even post podcasts sharing your expertise – all while soft-selling the services your Maryland-based business offers.

8. Leveraging the Unlimited Scale of the Internet

You might be thinking of Maryland right now, but the Internet is a gateway to the world market for your company and a highly cost-efficient one at that.

9. Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition

If your competition isn’t even trying to master the SEO art, then you’re already ahead of them. Yet, in highly competitive industries, having some modicum of expertise in this area is not an option. It is an absolute necessity for staying ahead of the competition.

10. Staying Ahead of the Game

From anticipating new trends to keeping up with and ahead of the competition, SEO offers your company a cost-effective way to remain on the frontier of the new way of doing business.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.