A thousand year old remedy found in nature

A thousand year old remedy found in nature

Good health is something we should nurture on a daily basis. Stress on the other hand is always present in our lives and can hurt our health and vitality without us not realizing until it’s too late.

A product that can help stimulate our youthful appearance and health in general is castor oil. This vegetable oil pressed from castor beans is found in nature in its purest form.

Castor beans contain ricin, a known toxic enzyme. While prepared, the heating process with the boiling point of 313 °C, deactivates ricin so the oil can be used safely.

Benefits of Castor oil

Castor oil has been used for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt it was used as a fuel in lamps as a remedy for eye irritation. Back then castor oil would be given to pregnant women because of its labor inducing effect.

Today, we find castor oil being widely used in the food industry and the cosmetics field because of its many benefits.

  1. Castor oil is considered to be a stimulant laxative, which doesn’t magically solve your digestion problems, but stimulates internal organs to work properly.
  2. It is known to have moisturizing power as well so castor oil can be used to avoid acne, improve wound healing and keep the natural skin glow.
  3. Its spectacular anti-inflammatory effects make castor oil the number one choice for reducing inflammation and relieving pain.
  4. Another use of castor oil is when dealing with fungus like candida albicans that is known to be a very persistent type of fungus and tough to deal with.
  5. Castor oil is widely used as a hair conditioner because of its majestic powers over hair and scalp. Even if you’re dealing with short and damaged eyelashes, castor oil can help in a record period of time.

Those are just some of the benefits of using castor oil. Since it is found in nature, be careful that the form of castor oil that you’re using is made of natural ingredients and is organic.

The best organic castor oil available today

Before you try products and beauty treatments that cannot even guarantee if they’ll work, we’d like to present an organic castor oil product that stands out for its wide range of use and splendid characteristics.

Malinca.hr is an online marketplace full of natural products that help reverse the aging process. Organic Castor oil, available here: https://www.malinca.hr/ricinusovo-ulje-iz-ekoloske-proizvodnje-100ml.html is just one of such products.

This castor oil product is 100% natural without any added scents or colour, and suited for every skin type. It does wonders for the acne/prone and mature skin and has proven to be highly effective when treating dimpled type of skin.

Natural origin and wide range of use

Because of its pure natural origin, organic castor oil made by Malinca can be even used as an addition in homemade cosmetic products.

So join the large group of our customers and place your order today via the link: https://www.malinca.hr/ricinusovo-ulje-iz-ekoloske-proizvodnje-100ml.html and as a gift you’ll receive a small brush for applying the oil precisely on the eyelashes and eyebrows.

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