Six applications a researcher should install in their mobile phone.

Six applications a researcher should install in their mobile phone

A researcher’s mind and lifestyle are different from an ordinary person’s attitude. The same goes for the applications and devices they use. If you are an ardent and avid researcher who wants to explore the world and find the answers to his questions, then you must keep yourself updated with the best application.

Today the world has changed; you cannot rely on physical libraries and newspapers only. Different applications and software are available to make the research easy and fast. If you are confused about it and do not know which application to install on your mobile phone, being a researcher. Many people do not consider the importance of technology in making a researcher the best researcher of his time and tend to stick to the old methods, which are futile today. You must move with the time.

The proxy.

Discovering facts requires a lot of techniques. Many countries do not allow their inhabitants to search at every platform. To tackle this challenge, you must search for the best proxies for mobile; one such amazing application is

You can mask your IP address, and then you can check every site without feeling restricted. Researchers and news journalists are in dire need of the best proxy application on their mobile phones.

The Microsoft office.

Writing reports and proposals are essential to initiate a career as a researcher. You must know that sometimes getting a laptop to write a proposal is near to impossible, so the best alternative has the best Microsoft application on the mobile. To record dates, you will need Microsoft excel to present something and create an impressive proposal. The latest version of PowerPoint is necessary.

The plagiarism checker.

A great and reliable plagiarism checker manufactured by the best software developer is necessary to check the plagiarism of every document. To find the best plagiarism checker, read reviews, ask some experts, and lastly, check the interface of every application. The interface is the most important feature; otherwise, using an application with a poor interface will be a waste of time.

The grammar checker.

Grammar should be on point; otherwise, no one will accept your research paper. You can use Grammarly for this purpose, or the google docs application is also reliable. It will help point out the grammar and punctuation mistakes that are often ignored and then result in the disqualification of the proposal.

The battery optimizer.

A researcher will have to read different books and PDFs. To manage the battery life of the mobile phone, a researcher must select reliable software for the phone’s battery management. It will be a lifesaver for most of the students.

The phone manager.

Random junk documents and PDFs can take up space in a mobile phone. To clear them instantly without wasting much time, you need a phone manager; different phone optimization and cleaning applications are available at the play store. You only need to find the best one compatible with your mobile phone, and you are good to go.

John Norwood
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