7 Tips To Buy Affordable Health Insurance Plans

7 Tips To Buy Affordable Health Insurance Plans

One of the most crucial issues that citizens in the country have been worried about is the growth in medical inflation over the past few years. The prices for medical procedures, health check-ups, medical tests, medicines, consultation charges, etc., are rising. These issues can be quite disheartening and stressful for any individual who wishes to get any medical treatment. However, once you own an affordable health insurance plan, you can channel all your energy on recuperating from your illness rather than stressing over the medical bills racking up.

What Is Affordable Health Insurance?

Affordable health insurance plans are the insurance policies that offer you the coverage you need at an affordable cost. With affordable health insurance policies, you can protect yourself from medical emergencies and expensive medical costs at a reasonable price. Health insurance plans are one of the best ways to ensure you will get the medical assistance you need without worrying about the cost of the treatment. However, purchasing an affordable health insurance plan can be a bit difficult, as you will have to deal with the wide range of choices available for you.

Therefore, if you wish to purchase affordable health insurance in India, you can follow a few tips.

Here are Certain Tips you can follow to buy an Affordable Health Insurance Plan:

1. Buy Early:

Purchasing health insurance when you’re young can be quite beneficial for you. When we’re young, our immunity system is quite strong. As a result, we can beat illnesses and recover from injuries quite fast. However, our physical health begins deteriorating as we grow up, and our health issues begin increasing. Consequently, the cost of getting health insurance will be a bit on the higher side when you’re a bit old. Therefore, getting a health insurance plan when you’re young and fit will help you get cheap health insurance.

2. Learn About the Difference Between Copay and Deductibles:

A health insurance deductible is the fixed amount that you decide to pay for your medical costs. A co-pay is the fixed percentage of the claim amount that you decide to pay. While a deductible and copay can assist you to save on a health insurance policy, you must select these options wisely after carefully discussing them with your insurance company. Learning about these topics will help you tweak your policy and get you an affordable health insurance plan.

3. Select your Deductible Carefully:

A health insurance deductible is the deductible amount you will need to pay towards your medical expenses before your insurer settles the claim. Since you are paying a portion of the medical expenses, the premium amount for your health policy will reduce.

4. Use the No-Claims Bonus:

Insurance companies in the country offer a No-Claim Bonus on health insurance policies. With the NCB bonus, you can either increase your sum assured or lower the premium amount. If you have opted for a suitable insurance coverage amount, you can benefit from the bonus by getting a discount on your premium amount. In addition, if you haven’t filed a claim on your health insurance policy in a year, you will get a discount on your health insurance premium.

5. Buy the Insurance Plan Online:

With the growth in the technological sector, most insurance companies have begun launching their official websites. Through these websites, you can purchase an optimal plan for yourself. In addition, you will not have to pay for the agent’s fees in an online purchase as you are purchasing the plan directly from the insurance company.

6. Compare Different Health Insurance Plans:

One of the most optimal ways to purchase an affordable health insurance plan is by comparing the different health insurance policies available for you. When you have a clear idea about the different policies available for you, you will make an informed decision. For instance, the recent pandemic made many individuals worry about whether their plan would cover Covid-19 or not. For such situations, you must clarify whether you will get coronavirus insurance through your policy or not. However, you must keep the affordable health insurance coverage you wish to get through your insurance policy a priority. After you have gathered a few health policies that can offer you the coverage you need, you can begin comparing the plans based on their cost.

7. Purchase a Long-Term Policy:

Most health insurance policies provide an option to make the premium payment for a couple of years at once. Health insurance premiums usually fall if you decide to pay the premiums for a couple of years at once. With these payments, you will not have to worry about the premium payments for the policy constantly.


An affordable health insurance policy can help you get the medical assistance you need without causing you any financial stress. While the number of options available for you can make the process a bit difficult, you can follow a few tips to get a good and affordable health insurance plan for yourself. There are various affordable health insurance policies available today. Following these tips will help you purchase one.

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