5 Types of Bouncy Castles You'll Get in a Bouncy Hire Company

5 Types of Bouncy Castles You’ll Get in a Bouncy Hire Company

 Are you planning a kid’s party? Well, there are various accessories to acquire to make the event memorable. An example is bouncy castles; they are a fun way of keeping the kids entertained in outdoor events. However, the quality of the bouncy castle can make or break your event and choosing the best goes a long way. You can get the best quality bouncing castles from leading companies, and knowing what to go for is critical. Again, you’ll get them in different types, and you should choose one to match your needs and preferences.

Here are different types of bouncy castles that you’ll get from a bouncy hire company: 

1. Inflatable super slides

These are inflatables with bouncing elements. This type of jumping castle epitomizes the term “wet and wild.” Kids love them due to the slide and the associated fun. Can I tell you more? These slides are unique choices for all kid’s events. They are best suited for 12-16-year-olds, and the bouncy castle hire company in Sussex offers them in different colors to match your event’s theme. 

2. Themed castles

 Themed bouncy castles are popular choices among many. They feature designs based on kid’s themes such as princesses, superheroes, fairies, cars, and more. Themed bouncy castles make perfect choices for themed parties and kids’ events, and there are different themes to consider. 

Most themes include brilliant and precise artwork to capture kids’ imagination. Examples of themes that have stood the test of time include;

  • Looney tunes
  • Space battle
  •  Halloween hunted castle
  • Scooby doo

3. Inflatable obstacle challenges 

Inflatable obstacle challenges are considered bouncy castles but come as inflatables. They are more of an obstacle challenge than a bouncing castle, and you can bounce and still include more complex activities.

 They are fun and allow kids to bounce and enjoy every bit of the moment. These castles are activity driven and are ideal for older kids of over ten years. Inflatable obstacle challenges will offer endless excitement and fun to kids, and you’ll get them in varying sizes. 

4. Jumping castle combos

Jumping castle combos resemble their themed counterparts due to their design. They sometimes feature famous movie stars and television icons. However, come with an inflatable slide which makes them more fun. They entice many kids and are a double treat for kids of all ages. These castles make great choices if you want kids to get busy while partying. And this is due to the jumping space and sliding area.

5. Inflatable bungy fun

 This is a fun inflatable challenge in the form of a castle. It resembles the obstacle course inflatable, is best suited for older kids of up to 16 years, and allows you to bounce and gauge how far you can move horizontally. Also, it provides multiple recreational possibilities for children and will undoubtedly offer a pleasant experience for kids. 

The bottom line

 It can be tasking to pick from the multiple bouncy castle types available. But, you can get the best guidance if hiring from reputed bouncy hire companies. Seek recommendations from friends and go through online reviews before selection. Also, know the different types of bouncy castles to avoid mistakes during selection.

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