Worried About Losing Your Dog? Get a GPS Dog Tracker

Worried About Losing Your Dog? Get a GPS Dog Tracker

Dogs are still one of the most loyal friends that man can have. Weenect understands just how important this friend is to you and your family, hence providing you with a solution that lets you know exactly where your dog is at any given time. With the Weenect Dogs 2 GPS dog tracker, you can track the location and activities of your four-legged friends, allowing you to enjoy outdoor walks with them without the fear that they might get lost, as you can easily track them with the app.

With statistics showing that about 10% of all lost dogs are never found, it is important to invest in a GPS tracking device that ensures that you can easily track where your pet is at any given time, so you never lose them.

7 Features of the Weenect GPS Tracker for Dogs

. Real-time geolocation tracking

The GPS tracker sends the dog’s position constantly every 10 seconds without a distance limit in Europe, offering you unlimited tracking solutions for your dog. You can also go through and relive the dog’s location history and adventures using your phone. It uses 3 location tracking modes to locate the dog’s location namely: compass, radar, and map.

. Easy to use

The GPS tracker is easy to use. It uses a SIM card and therefore easily connects to your phone in under 3 minutes using our free mobile app without requiring any installation. It also comes in a silicone case that is easy to attach to any type of dog collar.

. Has a training vibrator

The GPS device has a training vibrator that you can use to train the dog and have it associate the vibrations with certain activities like a meal or walk time.

. Long battery life

The tracker’s battery has a long lifespan that can last up to 3 days with everyday use.  You do not, therefore, need to keep recharging the GPS dogs’ tracker daily. It takes 2 hours to recharge it.

. Requires subscription

The GPS uses a SIM card that works with a subscription to receive GPS position from the satellite. The subscription options available on the website are either monthly, yearly, or a 2-year prepaid subscription.

. Anti-escape alert

The Weenect Dogs 2 GPS tracker allows you to set up safe zones for your dog to protect it from venturing out into dangerous areas. Should the dog stray from the predefined area, you get an automatic notification on your phone, allowing you to react quickly and in good time.

. The smallest, waterproof GPS

Weenect Dogs 2 tracker is the smallest, lightest, waterproof dog tracker in the world, weighing only 25 grams. The GPS is 100% submersible, up to 1 meter deep.


An expert medical opinion by a panel of 6 veterinarians that checked and reviewed the usefulness of the Weenect GPS tracker for dogs confirmed that our pet tracker is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. The tracker has also been recognized and awarded by the veterinarians with the France Vet Prize for the most innovative canine products and Services.  Over 2000 veterinarians and pet shops recognize that the GPS tracker is of topmost quality and have partnered with us to either recommend or sell it

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