Winning Eleven 2016

Winning Eleven 2016

Konami & PES Productions completed 20 years of success while releasing Winning Eleven 2016. Also, they changed its title & gave it Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) in Asia, except for Japan. Thus, the 15th edition is memorable. Besides, it features Neymar Jr in its cover photo. Not only the title but improvements in each part are visible. Except for the license extension of previous leagues, it also added new things. They try to make some distinctions with a new tagline; Love The Past, Play The Future.

It shows substantial enthusiasm & preparations from the officials. It is because WE/PES got the title of Best Sports Game in 2014 throughout the world. The fans didn’t face any issues since the game adopted Fox Engine. Additionally, it fulfilled the last slogan; The Pitch is Ours. In consequence, it got a nomination in The Game Awards 2015 in the category of Best Sports. In short, it becomes The Beautiful Game after successful creations every year.

Winning Eleven 2016 shows a new look in graphics & gameplay. It is as they applied modish artificial intelligence. 1v1 player control is better manifolds. Resultantly, footballers interact with each other & with the ball immediately. The one on one situation enables the players to attack & defend rigorously. Besides, they show new techniques to change the circumstances of a match. Similarly, the defense is more secure due to the instant participation of your team. It affects the overall results.

Before further explanation, let see all the advancements at a glance.

Features of Winning Eleven 2016

  • Master League gets a full revision from A to Z. In single-player mode, you witness transfers of menu & players.
  • Several fundamental changes in each part show advanced modes & features.
  • A1 fresh gameplay
  • Improved collision system to calculate the interaction of players
  • Improved defense & attacking system
  • Aerial strength to disrupt the opponents
  • Intelligent player artificial intelligence
  • 1v1 control improves the performance & flexibility of players
  • Celebration control is a new thing. Unbelievably, it gives you a choice of celebrating an excitement when doing a goal.
  • Winning Eleven 2016 contains dynamic weather. It means rain can happen in a match, just like the real world. Moreover, it suggests how to play a remaining Match, keeping the weather in concern.
  • Now, the visuals can admire. The motions of the ball & players are vibrant.
  • Also, the revised goalkeeper ID sees new parameters. The collaboration between the goalkeeper & other players is satisfying.
  • 3X new animation quality humanizes the players. Actions & expressions are humanistic. They pass, shoot, tackle & dribble the ball in a variety of ways.
  • Even, UEFA Europa League & Super Cup are present as in the last versions.
  • Commentary in various languages
  • Dynamic wide camera angle allows a bigger view of the field.
  • myClub improvements
  • Overall, the quality of the game is a cut above.
  • Additionally, the ball physics is finer.
  • Easy to play.
  • Well optimized & stable game views
  • Free for all

Final Words

Winning Eleven or Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 owns many new changes in it. The developers get massive positive feedback from Asia, Europe, and America. Therefore, it increases their confidence. And they do something different to meet the expectations of the fans. Hence, you should check it on your Android device if you have a taste for football.

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