What You Can Do with The Old Bouquet of Flowers?

What You Can Do with The Old Bouquet of Flowers?

It is impossible to be sad to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers, they are beautiful, fragrant, and are associated with special occasions. They have a carbon footprint with everything, and there is waste in their production before the flowers ever meet the receiver, and even after they wilt.

And if you do not have the courage to throw away a special bouquet you received recently, try maintaining their charm – and your memories – by turning them into something new. There are countless things you can make out of the old flowers that are about to die. Some of them are given below here:-

  1. Soaps: When you make soap, you can use flower petals, but note that many flowers turn black or brown when combined with lye, so do your research and make sure you choose the right flowers. Or you can only use little parts of the flowers, so there’s not too much focus on them.
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2.        Rosewater: It’s very easy to make your own rose water if you’re into natural beauty and many people find it irreplaceable in their skincare routine. Rosewater also has a sweet scent and a light pink hue.

You can pour it into a spray bottle and use it as a soothing, toning facial mist, you can put it in desserts or other dishes you are cooking, or also as an ingredient in natural makeup. In addition to this, you can spray it on bed sheets before you sleep.

3.        Jewelry: The most exquisite jewelry is made using lacquered flowers. Take a few petals, or the entire flower, and make them into earrings, pins, or necklaces. This is tougher than the other above-mentioned ways, but it is a perfect way to carry a slice of flower everywhere you go.

4.        Room sprays: Make your own scented room sprays from essential oils and alcohol, with a flower for added sweetness. Simply, mix the fragmented flowers with all the ingredients, put this into any spray bottle, and start freshening up your rooms in a natural way.

5.        Pot-pourri:  Flowers make for amazing aromatherapy until they’re dry. If you were given fragrant roses, then a great use for your old bouquet is making potpourri out of it.

Dump your creation into an adorable basket or glass jar and use it somewhere in your house. Fragrant flowers such as roses, lavender, and geraniums perform well and can be combined to produce a divine fragrance with your favorite essential oils.

  1. Candles: Protecting blossoms in candles is another acceptable option. It’s simpler to stick on squeezed, dried blossoms to the sides of your candles. Just melt the small candles and use the wax to paint those pressed petals onto your existing candles. Add some wax, then add the petals onto it, and again add the layers of wax on top of it.
  1. Rose Beads:

Did you realize that you can make beads out of flower petals? It’s a genuinely elaborate interaction, however, you can change that perfect bunch of flowers into remembrance beads that can endure forever. You can make gems or adornments, or simply show them in a lovely bowl.

8.        Door Wreath: Maybe you’ve just got a stunning collection of dried blossoms holding back to be utilized for something good and you’d prefer to keep it basic then the best idea is to make beautiful door wreaths out of it.

9.        Flower Brooch: Have you ever loved a flower so much that you wished you could wear it in some way? Here’s a perfect idea of how you can dress yourself up with it. To secure the bundle of dry roses you can splash them with hairspray and..tara! Your dry blossom brooch is finished and ready to wear.

If all else fails, repurposing is the arrangement! Not exclusively is it eco-friendly on the grounds that you are preventing more waste, you can draw out a touch of your creative side by making something magnificent.

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