What Is OEM in The Perfume Industry?

What Is OEM in The Perfume Industry?

The development scale of perfume industry in recent years is becoming larger with the consumer’s pursuit of fashion products. In order to compete for the limited market share, a large number of famous perfume brands tend to choose OEM services to expand production. Well, what is OEM in the perfume industry? In the article, we will go through this question.

What is OEM perfume?

OEM perfume means that the original equipment manufacturer is only responsible for the perfume manufacturing entrusted by the consignor. As most of the OEM has occupied advanced industrial technology and matured production line in addition to abundant production space and relatively low production cost, it is obvious that perfume brands will benefits a lot cooperating with these original equipment manufacturers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OEM Perfume

There are a bunch of advantages choosing OEM perfume manufacturer you definitely should not miss beside concerning quality and fragrances.


  • Research and development advantage. A professional OEM perfume manufacturer, for example, ZUOFUN, has a 1000 square meter independent aroma laboratory and top-level R&D team including eminent aromatists to serve you. They master the exquisite craftsmanship of perfume manufacture and the original perfume refining technology, as well as integrate the Oriental and Western romantic culture.
  • Raw material advantages. A popular product has to contributes to the superior raw material. OEM perfume manufacturer pays more attention to the materials and ingredients if they want to improve their competitive edge. ZUOFUN as one of the reliable OEM perfume manufacturers around the world maintain long-term relationship with the world leading supplier and takes 95% of its raw materials importing. All its raw materials are strictly selected according to the composition, beauty and properties of the product.
  • Manufacturing advantages. OEM perfume manufacturers will provide one-stop service with advanced and perfect production lines and personalized customized services to create more competitive advantages for customers. For example, ERP system can effectively control the whole production process from raw materials and semi-finished products to finished products as well as ensure the accuracy of data. OEM perfume manufacturers that provide one-stop service will make you feel the most obvious change in efficiency. You still hold the exclusive rights to customize the products on your desires. It means more flexibility for you to sell OEM perfume.


Although OEM perfume has the appealing advantages, you should at least be clear about what its disadvantages are.

  • There is a limit for a threshold number of orders you can make, which means you may not complete your production as scheduled.
  • The quality manufactured by the OEM perfume manufacturer may not reach your expectation.

How to choose an OEM perfume manufacturer?

If you are going to look for the OEM perfume manufacturer, in addition to keep an eye on the qualifications mentioned above, you are supposed to apprehend the following tips. Right OEM perfume manufacturers will provide you with what you are looking for. You have to make sure that the manufacturer that you work with have safe and high-quality ingredients, and provide you with a list of the elements used to make perfume. His product must have the basic characteristics of a decent commodity. Furthermore, if you notice that it has the reputation of outsourcing perfume in the perfume industry, you can confidently give your products to him. Because OEM perfume manufacturers with good reputation all over the world like ZUOFUN will take customers’ satisfaction as their mission.


Apart from getting the manufacturer, it would be best to focus on what your demands are and what you are getting. If the above-mentioned is what you care about, we can let you know with one of the top manufacturing units – ZUOFUN. ZUOFUN is the OEM perfume manufacturer that provides you with the one-stop solution of OEM and ODM perfume. Ready to enjoy the benefits of OEM perfume? Go and contact ZUOFUN.

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