What Happens If I Reject A Settlement Offer?

What Happens If I Reject A Settlement Offer?

All of us need the benefits of insurance at some point or the other. Compensation offered by your insurance company can help you in staying on the recovery route. Different types of insurance coverage offer different benefits. For example, it can help cover medical bills, property damage, and your legal fee.

You can get a settlement offer at any point in time in the case. For example, it can be before filing the case or at a time when you are about to win the case. Most often, insurance companies do not offer the settlement as per your expectation. Thus, if you want, you can also reject the settlement offer.

Don’t worry; rejecting the offer for settlement does not mean that you won’t get any benefit. You can contact Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys to negotiate with the insurance provider if you don’t have much legal knowledge. The best part about hiring an attorney is that they have the needed experience. Thus, they can assist you in getting the funds back so that your life can be back on track. If you want to know what happens after rejecting the settlement, this article will help you. Keep all these conditions in mind if you are planning to reject the settlement offer:

New adjuster request

You may think you are powerless after rejecting the settlement offer. But, you will have to get in contact with a new attorney to make a new request. This way, you have a chance to get more compensation. You should know that insurers don’t have the power to take the side of any one party. In addition to this, they can’t make conclusions about any case. If you think they are being biased, you can report this to your attorney. Requesting for a new adjuster can open up avenues for you, and you may have the chance to receive more compensation.

Welcome to the court case

The next step that you can take after rejecting the offer for settlement is to take the case before any court. But, try to consult your attorney before taking the case to court. Your attorney can help you in getting more compensation through intervention. Sometimes, the court case can make the situation worse, and it can also backfire upon you. Thus, try to make a wise decision.

Rejecting an offer is not always an easy task. You may never be sure that you will get more money. Thus, keep all pros and cons in mind before finalizing to visit the case. If you are thinking about rejecting the offer, you will have to write a formal letter to the insurance companies. The letter should include every little detail like why you think you will need more money for the damage and injury.

Negotiation after rejecting a settlement offer is never as simple as you may think. It takes a lot of time, effort, and precaution. Unless your insurer specifically tells you that they are not in a position to negotiate, keep your options and avenues open. Counteroffers can help you in getting compensation closer to your expectation. Try to contact an experienced and professional Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys to move towards the legal path.

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