Top 8 Causes of Blocked Drains & Its Prevention

Top 8 Causes of Blocked Drains & Its Prevention

A very common problem faced by homeowners is a blocked drain and this common problem tends to bring forth large-scale problems. Initially, a blocked drain may slow down the water drainage, which may further result in backup of sewage and flooding, if not checked on time. Thus, it is necessary to have knowledge about the causes behind a blocked drain and the potential solutions for prevention and clearance of minor blockages by yourself.


A number of unknown objects, when build up in the space between the pipe of the drain and other pipes, lead to blockage in the drain. One of such objects is the traditional soap bar, made up of grease or fat. When the minerals in water come in contact with this grease or fat, it gives rise to soap scrum (hard residue of the soap) and this creates clogging or blockage in drains. For preventing the clogging of drains due to soap scrum, it is necessary to pressure clean the pipes or use soap-free washes.


It is another object that not only causes blockage in sink drains, but also gets combined with sticky materials, such as grease of soaps, and form clogs. The best way to prevent hairs from blocking drains is to place guards for catching hair, thereby cleaning those guards on a frequent basis.


All types of dirt passing through the drainage system may not wash up. Some may accumulate in the pipes, leading to blockage and thus, it is necessary to ensure that heavy dirt or mud is rinsed off before washing.

Food waste

It is recommended that you should never allow food waste to pass through drains and pipes even if you possess a garbage disposal with the sink. Food wastes, such as coffee grains or tea leaves, greasy or oily food wastes, can easily create a blockage by failing to get washed out from the drains. Hence, it is necessary to convert these wastes into a composting pile.


Dissolved minerals present in hard water are insoluble and thus these accumulate in the drains and pipes. You can get rid of the accumulations in the drainage system due to hard water by installing a water softener. Furthermore, a competent Gas Plumber Sydney can assist you in closely monitoring your blocked drain, thereby fixing it.

Roots of trees

Once a tree root starts growing through your pipes, it will surely block the water flow and create damage in the pipes. Drain blockage due to tree roots may bring severe consequences, requiring excavation or pressure jet cleaning. Hence, you must always monitor and checkup the conditions of your drains on a regular basis.

Toilet paper

Excessive accumulation of toilet paper in the drains or pipes can lead to blockage, thereby preventing your toilets to get flushed. You may use plunger for dissolving the toilet paper if the pipes allow water flow. However, if the water flow is totally restricted, you ought to seek help from a plumber.

Small Objects

Small, foreign objects, if not checked and prevented from accumulating in drains, may lead to serious damages. It is necessary to safely dispose these objects by using compost or through recycling rather than allowing those to create blockages.

Final thoughts

Blocked drains are indeed common and major problems occurring in every house. Though there are ways to fix blocked drains, it is best to prevent the problem from occurring. All you need to do is prevent the accumulation of wrong objects in your drains and pipes and keep those on check. In severe consequences, you can hire a competent Plumbers Sydney service.

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