What Can We Learn From Fantasy Reads?

What Can We Learn From Fantasy Reads?

The fantasy genre teaches us many lessons that we cannot get from other genres. Being in the fantasy world compels the reader to expand their thinking beyond their world. The most significant lessons we pick from the fantasy world is a broadened perspective of the world and more creative skill. The fantasy genre provides these lessons exclusively because of its story structure. The best fantasy reads offer lessons about fantastical escapades and building magical worlds. But there is undoubtedly much more than you can learn from fantasy reads.

Fantasy broadens our perspective.

Thousands of fantasy stories exist, and each one of them gives the reader an insight into different kinds of characters and their quest to change their world. Although characters in different stories may be similar, all have peculiar mindsets that differ from one to the other. Every individual character furnishes the reader’s world, acting as a lens to see the world through. Rather than seeing life from a single perspective, fantastines knygos provide us with an opportunity to see the world from different perspectives. That can help you solve life problems the way an average person would not.

Expands our creativity

There is no greater way to grow your creativity than to find out what the most creative minds have to offer. Fantasy authors such as Robert Simkus are known to extend their imagination well beyond what is conceivable by the human mind. Not only do they push the limits of creativity, but they also simplify these worlds for the reader. Reading fantasy books is the only way to grow your imagination. It offers you the inspiration you need to pursue your creativity.

Desirable identities

Reading fantasy exposes you to all sorts of characters and helps you identify the qualities you desire in character. In most cases, the qualities you want in a protagonist are the identity traits you would like to have. In the end, you end up shaping the person you would like to be. Identifying desirable traits you would like to have from fantasy novels propels you to the strongest version of yourself.

The art of empathy

Empathy is understanding and sharing one’s feelings. Every time you read a fantasy book, you understand the protagonist and empathize with their situation. As you read through the chapters, you know why the protagonist feels the way they do because you are with them through their highs and lows. That emotional relationship you develop with an antagonist shares your empathy skills in the real world.

Expand your vocabulary

Fantasy books expand your vocabulary even though it is not exclusive to the fantasy genre. Reading fantasy exposes you to bizarre words you have never heard of. At the very least, it triggers you to look up the word and integrate it into your everyday language use. Expanding your vocabulary through a variety of fantasy reads undoubtedly has its perks. It boosts your vocabulary use and gives you a plethora of tools to express yourself.

Assorted life lessons

Fantasy books such as kosmoso platybese can offer various life lessons. The complicated situations that characters find themselves n and how they ultimately pull out is meant for the reader to learn. When a character learns, the reader learns as well.

the final words

Everything you learn from fantasy reads is a life lesson that follows you wherever you go.

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