A Few Different Types of Bets for Sports

A Few Different Types of bets for Sports

Sports betting has become a very popular pastime for all sports enthusiast around the world and a huge amount of money is involved in this business. Nowadays most of the country has legalized this kind of gambling.

For any new participants, such betting can be a little overwhelming as there are several types of wagers available to learn. The Safest Betting Sites is where you can get betting reviews and advice for choosing the best online sportsbooks for almost all kinds of popular sports that are held in any part of the world.

For most sporting events, every sportsbook will offer multiple types of wagers. So, you need to choose a particular app for betting, then log in and make your deposit, where you can see a list of various games and matches by displaying their wagers. For any important events, you can find hundreds of types of bets where you can place your wager.

The following are a few common types of bets that you can find on most betting sites.

1. Full cover bets

You will find different types of bets within any full cover bet. It is always not necessary that every result must come through with you for winning, the payout will be higher for more games you win.

2. Futures bets

Typically, this betting is a long-term investment. You will bet on a future outcome like which team may win the league title or the number of regular-season games, a particular team will win.

3. Handicap bets

This is a wager form that will try to level the playing field, almost like in golf. In this betting, the odds will account for the difference in the apparent strength of each opponent.

4. Head-to-head bets

For certain sports e.g. NASCAR and professional golf, a very common way of betting these events is by betting on the head-to-head results between just 2 competitors

5. Money line bets

If you succeed in predicting underdogs who can win outright then this can be profitable. When you are betting on a heavy favorite then you will not get favorable odds.

6. Parlay bets

Here the betting odds are adjusted based on the total picks you may group. It is considered a very high risk/high reward sports betting and not right for any faint heart.

7. Proposition bets

Usually, this type of bet is fun betting on something quite goofy or non-standard. As an example, on Super Bowl Sunday, you can find hundreds of bets like which team may win the coin toss.

8. Straight bets

This is the most basic sports bet – the straight bet. Sports bettors will place their wager especially when it is related to a few sports like football or basketball.

9. Teaser bets

Here you are still grouping 2 or more picks in a single bet, but now you can tweak the point spreads to keep in your favor in exchange for a lower total payout.

10. Total line bets

Here, a number will be set for the total final score of both the teams and you have to bet on the actual score by staying either “under” that total or “over” that set number.

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