Understanding the importance of B2B data

Understanding the importance of B2B data

To begin with, B2B data is often an overlooked resource. B2B data can make – or break – a marketing campaign.

The accuracy of the data can really give your campaign a push and see increased success rates.

Personalisation for email, telephone and direct mail

When using B2B data in your email marketing campaigns, you will instantly see the benefits. This begins with the personalisation of the email. If you can address the email to the correct person, they are more likely to read and take in what you are trying to get across.

Telemarketing campaigns can be tricky when you do not know the best person to ask for. It is more than likely that you are going to have to get past the gatekeeper and without knowing the name of the best contact; unfortunately, your call is going to end there. With the B2B data, you know the name of the contact. When asking for the contact, the gatekeeper will begin to think you already have a relationship and will not want to keep you waiting. Alternatively, they will not want to waste their colleague’s time, if they think it is a sales call and someone who they have never dealt with.

Direct mail can be a costly channel of marketing. When sending direct mail, you want to be confident that the contact details are correct and up-to-date. Sending to incorrect contacts is a dent in your marketing budget. Sending to contacts who no longer work there can lead to the mail being instantly thrown away.

As you can see, the accuracy of the data plays a huge part in your campaign. Personalisation really is the key to success. What are the chances that you’ve been sending campaigns to people who no longer work at the companies you have their details for? What are the chances that your email has not been seen? How many times have you been told that the receptionist will pass a message on? Think of the volume of letters all thrown away.

How can I ensure my B2B data is up to date?

When purchasing B2B data, you need to take into consideration the various methods and processes data providers take to collect and validate the data you are soon to be provided with.

Data age is a crucial factor and people often purchase data without confirming with the provider the age of the data. It is common that data providers only update their data every 3-6 months, and some even less frequently. At Business Data Prospects, you can be assured that the data we provide has an age of only 2-3 days, which is significantly fresher than any other data provider.

We work differently to other data companies in order to be able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date B2B data in the industry. We do this by only supplying data which has passed through 5 layers of verification. Prior to receiving your database, further verification is carried out to ensure emails are accurate via our in-house system. Telephone lines are verified against BT to ensure that the lines are live and currently in use. Business addresses are checked against recent gone away files to suppress relevant records. Prior to this, our in-house market research team cross reference our data against sources such as Companies House to verify company details. The team in our contact centre will then carry out further research to verify additional fields and information, including personal B2B email addresses, which are essential for your email campaigns. Further checks are then made with Royal Mail and BT to ensure the accuracy of address and telephone details.

I already have existing B2B data

If you already have existing B2B data, we can also help. With data cleansing services available, we can validate your data, update existing contacts and even suggest new contacts as replacements. This service is unmatched and perfect for ensuring the accuracy of your B2B data. To give your marketing campaigns an extra boost, why not accompany your data cleanse with additional B2B data to give yourself that extra marketing reach.

 In order to ensure the complete accuracy of our data, we are the UK’s only data provider who offers a 100% data guarantee on all of our B2B data. We offer this as we have full confidence in our data. Alongside this, we’re also the UK’s only data owner. Being a data owner means that we do not broker or resell B2B data. This is another reason we offer a 100% guarantee as we have full control over the data – as it is ours.

To summarise, in order to achieve the best results, you really do need the most accurate B2B data available. With markets becoming more competitive day by day, it is important for marketers to be able to get through to key contacts.

For all B2B data enquires, be sure to reach out to Business Data Prospects. BDP have a wealth of knowledge and the ability to help you get more enquiries and drive more sales.

John Norwood
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