Understanding the Features of Altra Shoe Collection

Understanding the Features of Altra Shoe Collection

Altra shoes are an ideal brand that respects normal and natural foot and toe anatomy. The footwear company designs and develops athletic shoes for trail running, road running, and general wear. The shoes are designed to prevent lower extremity joint and soft tissue issues. Besides, they have the classic look of conventional running shoes and multiple features that set them apart from other brands. One of the top Altra shoes collection dealers, Shoe City, believes that Altra shoes offer the ultimate traction, support, comfort, and stability. In this blog, we’ve discussed some of the top features of Altra shoes. They include:

A Zero Drop Technology

All Altra shoes feature zero drop technology. The feature places the forefoot and heel at the same distance from the ground. It encourages minimum dependency on the shoe gear, thus allowing more reliance on solid muscles of the feet and legs. This way, your feet move like it would move naturally if you’re running or walking barefoot. It helps improve body posture, stride, and performance. Your calves also become more toned while alleviating pain in areas that cannot handle the stress.

Foot Shaped

Altra shoes are designed with the shape of the foot in mind. This means that they feature a broad and open toe box that provides adequate room for your toes and forefoot to relax and spread out within the shoe. This way, the big toe remains straight, allowing for better power and stability. Enough room for the toes also improves balance, promotes agility, eradicates toe issues, improves circulation, and minimizes the risk of injury. Ample space within the toe box also allows anyone with deformities to wear Correct Toes while exercising. The spacers guide the shape back to its natural form over time.

Prevention of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful occurrence often affecting runners. In such instances, a good pair of running shoes is vital to avoid worsening the condition and help you run comfortably. Luckily, Altra zero drop shoes have you covered. They provide ideal arch support for the condition and give you relief from the pain. The Altra Provision model minimizes the heel strikes and the amount of pressure on a runner’s heels. The plantar fasciitis can even disappear after wearing this shoe routinely. Better still, the shoe model is durable due to the materials that go into it and provide you with two insoles. The shoes could last for up to three years even if you use them daily.

Full-Length Cushioning

Altra is the only running shoe brand offering a full range of full-length cushioned zero-drop shoes. The shoes are designed to cushion and protect your feet as you walk or run along. Regardless of where you run, your feet experience pressure with every step. Luckily, cushioned shoes absorb the shock as you run, thus minimizing the strain on your joints. Thicker and full-length cushioning translates into the ultimate comfort, protection, and performance.


Undoubtedly, the Altra shoe collection has some of the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever won. The large and open toe box feels great, without pressure points, no flex points pressing into your toes, and adequate room for your toes to move in smoothly and effortlessly. This way, you can run or walk on a wide range of surfaces with confidence.


Altra shoes have a safe and natural-feeling trail shoe, which is an outstanding feature. This way, the shoes can handle the demands of off-road running. Their range of outsole patterns provides traction on various surfaces, thus meeting and exceeding these expectations.


Another feature that sets Altra shoes apart from the rest is their design that suits the needs of each gender. The brand acknowledges the distinctive difference between male and female feet and incorporates these differences into every shoe to accommodate these needs. The women-shaped design has a narrower heel, longer arch, and higher instep.

Uses of Altra Shoes

Altra walking and running shoes can be used in a wide range of ways. Some models are geared toward the trail, while others for road and pavement conditions. In most instances, you’ll feel pretty comfortable when using these models for various athletic activities. The brand also updates its product line routinely to suit clients’ needs.

How to Clean Your Altra Shoes

Altra shoes should give you the best performance and feel on the road and trails. That means you should give them a little more attention to maintain the performance feature over time. Fortunately, taking care of and cleaning your Altra shoes is not as complicated as it may sound. You only need to:

  • Keep the outsole free of debris to avoid compromising traction
  • Clean the upper to prevent dirt particles from entering the mesh and fabric
  • Avoid soaking your shoes in water to avoid compromising and deforming the materials and performance.
  • Avoid using a washing machine as it tends to be pretty aggressive
  • Avoid using heat to dry the shoes as it can defect the materials.

When cleaning your shoes, you should treat every piece with the ultimate care and attention. You can start by taking out the shoelaces and insoles. Then, hand washes every piece separately using warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. You can also use a brush for aggressive dirt. After cleaning all the pieces, let them dry in a mild temperature and low humidity environment. If you want to speed dry them, you can stuff paper towels into the shoes.

In summary, Altra is among the first shoe brands to respect the natural foot and toe anatomy. This way, they prevent lower extremity and soft tissue problems. The shoes have the classical look of a conventional running shoe and a wide range of new features that differentiate them from other brands. These include the ideal toe box and a flat support platform. Wearing this brand is a constructive and comfortable way to restore and preserve your toe and foot health. If you’d want to access the full range of Altra shoe collections, don’t hesitate to visit the Shoe City website. You’ll learn about every pair, its features, and what it’s best suited for. You can also visit our Southern California stores, and we’ll be at your service.

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