The Health Benefits of Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand Pose)

The Health Benefits of Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand Pose)

One such pose and asana which is considered to be the advanced level yoga but has o many benefits that it’s countless. Here in this pose, the entire boy is supported on the head and for that, a great deal of practice and flexibility is required. Here in this pose, the entire body is supported and the entire body is balanced on the head. The balance here is one of the main factors but with practice mastery here can also be achieved. Unlike any other yoga name, this is also a Sanskrit word where the word “Salamba” means support and the word “Sirsa” means the head. Thus the word “Salamba Sirsasana” means supporting the head.

It has number o positive effects on the body and regular practice of this can be highly beneficial for the body. It helps in releasing all forms of positive energy and helps in breaking all the blocks in the body which again helps in several different ways. Doing this creates a proper balance in the body and the mind which helps in better performance in the body curing many problems. All one needs to do here in this pose is to balance the entire body on our head

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In this article we shall learn all the benefits of Sirsasana and how can we perform it.

How do so Salamba Sirsasana/Supported headstand Pose

  • If you are a beginner in this pose then it is advised that you take something cozy as a blanket or pillow to support yourself. Now slowly come on your knees and rest the forearms on the floors with the fingers interlocked and attached tightly.
  • The crown of your head is supposed to be pressured on the ground upon the blanket or the support that you have taken with the interlocked hands just behind it. The head must be stuck perpendicular to the wall attached for the adequate level of support that is required.
  • Now solely bring your hips upwards and the toes must come closer to the head. This process should be very slow.
  • Now gradually move the toe closer to your head. This required a lot of energy and is not expected to perform at once thus take time and do as it is comfortable for you to do it.
  • Now as you do this process breathe slowly and raise the legs gradually from the floor. For this, if required one can take support against the wall as well.
  • Continue to breathe as you are in the inverted position and it has to be the normal way.
  • Next, be in this position for some time and when you are habituated in this pose you can hold this pose for about 10 minutes or so.
  • Now to slow down you need to pull the toes and then bend the knees and come down slowly. For this, if required take support o the wall and come down without hurting yourself.

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Benefits of Salamba Sirsasana/ Supported headstand Pose

  • Helps in improving the blood circulation in the body and also in the brain. This helps in the better functioning of the brain.
  • Very much helpful for releasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Calms the body down and releases all the negative thoughts from the body. Also, people who are suffering from mild depression can try this posture to get help.
  • Helps one get rid of any types of arm pain, spinal pain, or back pain. This can be changed if the asana is practiced regularly.
  • Regular practice makes the arm, spine legs, lungs very strong and this helps in the functioning of these parts of the body pretty well.
  • Helps in curing minor disorders and health problems like cough and cold, headache, etc.
  • Major disorders like insomnia, asthma, migraine, sinus, etc.
  • Very beneficial in treating infertility
  • Helps in the process of digestion treating all types of stomach problems.
  • Develops the focus in one person and also helps in the level of concentration.
  • A very beneficial one is trying to prepare for meditation. The level of concentration thus helps in meditation developing the focus in one person.
  • Stimulation of the pituitary and pineal glands is thus treating any type of sexual error releasing sex hormones.
  • Helps in toning the legs and the abdomen while strengthening the back area.
  • Any time of buildup fluid in there on the legs released.
  • Allows a very good and healthy blood circulation in the body which is very beneficial for the body and its performance.
  • Stimulates the nervous system and different cells in the body.
  • Increases in having clarity.
  • Helps in preventing sleep loss, memory loss and also helps in treating lethargic energy.
  • Facilitates healthy breathing in one person.
  • Improves the posture of one body and shapes it.
  • With the reverse gravitational pull, it helps in treating any type of kidney, liver, stomach, issue.
  • Helps in treating bad breath.
  • Helps in curing any type of issue in the abdomen.

Thus these are some of the points and benefits of the Supported headstand pose.

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