Types of Home Lighting System - Know Everything Including the Pros and Cons 

Types of Home Lighting System – Know Everything Including the Pros and Cons

Lighting is an important part of any home, just like an electrical line or plumbing system. You can find different options when it comes to choosing the right kind of lighting option for your home. 

Knowing about the right kind of lighting system that suits perfectly with your home is the first step towards finding the best option for your home. You can find such options including the crystal chandelier and other such options by visiting the official webpage of Sofary Modern Lighting. They can help you finalize the right and best lighting option for your home. Visit them to know more. 

Here are some of the lighting options and even the pros and cons of using them in your house. 


The lighting system that is suspended from the ceiling with the help of one or more chains is known as the chandeliers. They are available in many sizes, designs, and dimensions and you can find the one that suits the room décor of your home


  • Appreciation to the value 
  • Change the bulb and lamp when needed 
  • Available at affordable options 


  • Maintenance is quite high 
  • Requires particular dimension for the easy installation 


The lighting system that can be installed onto the exposed light rail or the ceiling light trough in the ceiling is known as the spotlight. These lighting systems are employed for creating any specific type of ambiance in the place where they are installed. 


  • Easy to change the angle of the lighting system 
  • Smaller in size 


  • Not fit for the close-range lighting 
  • The lighting range is quite low 
  • Can create a kind of humid atmosphere where they are installed

Ceiling Light 

As the name says, the lighting system that is directly installed onto the available electrical line on the ceiling is considered the ceiling lights. They are an ideal option for installation in flats, homes, and other such spaces with short ceilings. 


  • Easy to install 
  • The light bulbs will be safeguarded 
  • Elegant and simple lighting solution 


  • Non-availability of multiple options in the designs 

Wall Lamps 

Wall lamps are normally used as the auxiliary lighting system in any space. They are best suited for places where there is no requirement for high luminescence. Hence, you can see them installed as bed lamps, balcony lamps, and corridor lighting systems. 


  • Create a sense of ambiance in the place where they are installed. 


  • The height that is required for the installation of wall lamps in particular, and hence cannot be installed in all places. 
  • A separate wire outlet is needed for the installation. 

Pendant lights 

These are the type of lighting systems that will be suspended from the ceiling with the help of a chain. They are ideal for the places with higher ceilings and offer wonderful lighting to the place where they are installed. 


  • Add a sense of aesthetic value to space where they are installed. 
  • Available in many designs and options. 


  • Not ideal for space where there is a requirement of a wide range of lighting. 

Now that you know the pros and cons of different lighting system types that are available for you, you can choose the one that works for your home. 

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