How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Our Daily Lives in 2021?

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Our Daily Lives in 2021?

We all are living in the modern era! And this is causing various types of problems and impacting our daily life. Problems such as health, transportation, high-end technology always came across as difficult to solve, but these are made easy by the phenomenon of the 21st century that is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI can perform a task that normally requires human intelligence and to no surprise, the impact of AI has amazed our human race. From basic healthcare to communication systems and connectivity to smart cars, AI has left no stones unturned until it reached the peak of success. All these development has made artificial intelligence career opportunities to grow exponentially. So, taking up ai courses to enhance your skills is one of the best easy to stand out of the crowd  In this article, we aim to understand what this often brought up technology is and its impact on our busy lives.

How do we use AI in everyday life?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that helps in creating smart machines to behave like humans and to perform the task as humans do. Some of the uses of artificial intelligence are Education Virtual Assistants, Agriculture, Autonomous Vehicles and Aircraft, Online Commerce, Security, Production, Healthcare, etc.

Artificial Intelligence  in our daily lives

Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction, this technology has made our lives unimaginable. Right from reading our emails, Maps, Music to the movie, we are dependent on Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Here I would like to take you through some of the domains that have experienced an exponential influence of AI, they are:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare is one of the sectors that has seen major changes due to the impact of artificial intelligence. Treatment Plans and complex operations have all been made extremely simple by using Cognitive Intelligence.
  • During tough times like COVID-19 healthcare is depending on Artificial intelligence to fight against coronavirus, some of the AI initiatives are:
  • Education: Edtech is a new normal, implementing AI in the education sector can fetch you a Personalize Education, Produce Smart Content, Contribute To Task Automation, Do Tutoring, Ensure Access To Education For Students With Special Needs, global learning –  there is a wide range of artificial intelligence certifications online that can be accessed anywhere anytime, this is called global learning. 
  • Communication Systems: The modern communication system has become an integral part of life. Some of the social communication systems like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Youtube uses AI. Artificial Intelligence helps in ascertaining what you want to view, who you would want to connect with by analyzing your history on the apps.
  • Banking: Banking is also another sector that is changing exponentially due to the impact of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has replaced the banking queue system, keeping track of records on accounts and credit loans to the smart banking system

right from the comfort of your home.

  • Travelling: What helps you the most when you are out on a trip? Certainly, Google Maps! It provides you with detailed insight into what is around you- roads, restaurants, landmarks simply by analyzing your location on the world map. Google Maps is an innovation of AI, where data about every location in the world is available at your fingertips and within seconds you can get a grasp about What’s around you!

How does AI work?

One brilliant feature of humans is that, apart from knowledge, human beings learn or take decisions based on their previous experiences. Artificial Intelligence or AI uses previous learning experiences through the processing of large amounts of data and uses the generated insights to adjust itself to newer data inputs.

For Artificial Intelligence to work seamlessly, several other technologies of the modern-day are used in combination. Some of these are:

  • Neural Network– Just like human beings possess brains,  AI software uses Neural Networks that work as a connected web of thousands of neurons. These neural networks are supported by Graphical Processing Units or GPUs. These units do the iterative process and extract the data insights. Later these insights are utilized for generating outputs.
  • Machine Learning– Machine Learning works with large data sets and tries to understand the types of data, and generates insights that would otherwise require detailed and specific programming to look for. Machine Learning take help from different domains such as computer science, statistics, and other sciences to build up intelligent technology.
  • Some of the real-time uses of Machine Learning are :
  • Natural Language Processing– Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps machines to understand and analyse human languages. Artificial Intelligence takes help from advanced and complex programming techniques to comprehend the language of the human in daily usage.
  • NLP is used in these below sectors:

Before you go…

Artificial intelligence has made a big impact on many aspects of our daily life. Some experts say AI will lead to a second industrial revolution.  If you see a targeted ad on social media, your product recommendations when shopping, your music recommendations, and your social media friend suggestions may all be influenced by artificial intelligence.

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