Top 7 Best Rated Apps to Learn Any Language

Top 7 Best Rated Apps to Learn Any Language

In this article, Future Trans discusses the top 7 best-rated apps you can use to learn any language. The essence of designing multilingual apps is localization to help travelers and language learners.

Whenever the designers create a new language app, they seek to cover as many languages as possible. The consideration of multiple languages during the development of an app increases its end-user acceptability.

Language app users do not want to buy a new app whenever they want to move to learn a new language. All they want is an app that they can use over and over again.

So, to align with almost every culture as one of the multilingual objectives, app engineers have to ensure that the resultant app features the highest number of languages.

Convenience also contributes to the design of a language learning app. The aspect combines operational user-friendliness and the ability to meet the needs of the target audience.

If an app features the two aspects, among other qualities, it ranks as one of the best apps in the market. Additionally, the best app should have a new form of convenience to offer.

The following are some of the best multilingual apps in the market today?


As of July 2021, Babbel had over 10 million subscriptions. It was one of the most sought-after language learning apps. The popularity of the app keeps on growing.

Let us see what is unique about the app:

  • Curriculum development – Babbel involved over 100 linguists during the development of its curriculum. In other words, it used subject matter experts to cover several languages exhaustively.
  • Short lessons – The app offers 15-20 minutes learning sessions. It takes you little time to learn. So, you get more time to cover other activities.
  • Use of evidence-based teaching styles – The app combines traditional learning styles with interactive, evidence-based, and innovative teaching styles. The styles prove viable enough to help each learner master their language of choice.
  • Monthly subscriptions – You can choose weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual subscriptions. So, users have subscription options that match their preferences.
  • Money-back guarantee – If you subscribe and then dislike the services, Babbel will give you a 20-day money-back window. All you have to do is to ask for your money back within the allowed time frame.
  • Reviews – The app prides itself on receiving thousands of positive reviews from happy users. On average, its rating is 4.7 stars. Also, all reviews get feedback from the developer.


Are you looking for a free language learning app? Duolingo stands as a good fit for you. It also has other features that match your preferences.

What does Duolingo have to offer?

  • Game-like lessons – With Duolingo, you will learn over 35 languages in a game-like style. The app employs a science-based teaching style to help you understand the languages easily.
  • Personalized lessons – The app combines artificial intelligence (AI) with language science to create a lesson that matches your learning capabilities.
  • Progressive lessons – Duolingo builds up lessons on top of each other. However, you have to unlock the lessons. Also, you will need to repeat some lessons when you take too long to access the app.
  • Reviews – The app has over 1 million reviews. Also, its average review is 4.7.
  • Motivation – The app keeps you motivated using a friendly mascot that provides you with reminders. Also, the app has exciting trivial challenges.
  • Ad removal – You can stop ads from running by paying for the app. Also, you can get a 14-days trial window.
  • School use – Teachers can use the Duolingo app in class while teaching a featured language. 
  • English test – The app provides a test that has worldwide acceptance.

Rosetta Stone

The App has been operational for close to 30 years. Its longevity makes it appear among the best language learning apps. It purports to provide fluency and confidence in 25 languages. Also, it seeks to change a second language into a cultural nature.

What makes Rosetta Stone special?

  • Language immersion – The app provides you with real-life scenarios, native audio speakers, and interactive sessions. It gets you immersed in the language that you are trying to learn.
  • Paced introduction of new topics – The app gives you room to practice learned phrases and keywords in several contexts. Afterward, it introduces a new topic to you.
  • Assessment and coaching – The app gives you feedback on your word pronunciation. Also, it matches you with live native coaches to guide you on how to converse perfectly in your new language.
  • Pricing – You can choose from paying a quarterly or annual subscription. For committed learners, you can pay a one-time fee for a lifetime of learning unlimited languages.
  • Reviews – The app has received an average 4.8-star rating from thousands of users.


Memrise app prides itself in teaching real-life phrases. The app features native speakers that talk about the current day-to-day issues.

What are the other features that make Memrise one of the best language learning apps?

  • Languages – You can learn 23 languages using the app.
  • Real-life video examples – The app helps you to watch videos of real-world language usage examples. So, the phrases that you learn using the app are practical, unlike some apps that teach terms that one can hardly use in real life.
  • Tests – The app offers gamified tests that assess whether you understand what you learn.
  • Immersive learning – The app helps you feel like you are already living in your preferred cultural environment.
  • Goals – The app covers all language needs. The needs range from temporary learning essentials to everything that you need to learn in the long term.
  • Proven memory – The app uses an algorithm that employs cognitive science. So, it will customize your learning according to your ability to learn and understand.
  • Pricing – You can opt for either monthly or annual subscriptions. Alternatively, you can get a lifetime subscription.
  • Reviews – The app rates at 4.8 stars from thousands of reviews.
  • Awards – The app has an Editor’s Choice Award for being the best app for language learning.


The app seeks to assist serious learners to cover a language program. It involves real tutors to give extra help to learners of the featured language.

What are the other features that Ligualift offers?

  • Tutor interaction – You can ask questions to the tutor and get a prompt response. Also, you can ask for homework and then submit it for correction.  
  • Target students – The app is a good fit for beginners or intermediate language learners. It has clear grammar, vocabulary, and script learning instructions.
  • Cultural insights – The app boasts of several cultural insights that other language learning apps do not have.
  • A road map to fluency – the app has a free secret book that guides you to achieve fluency when learning a language. The tutors create the road map based on your learning preferences.
  • Short lessons – The lessons are 15-20 minutes long. So, you get time to do other activities after spending little time learning your selected language.
  • AI learning – The app has an algorithm that tracks your learning progress. It also tailors your lessons according to your learning capabilities.
  • Language range – the app offers five languages, but you can check whether the app can add your preferred language.

Hello Talk

If you want to learn a language practically, Hello Talk is a good fit for you. The app seeks to eliminate the stress related to speaking a language in real life.

What makes Hello Talk stand out from the rest?

  • Learner interaction – The app helps its users to connect and learn from each other. It has a messaging feature that enables users to correct each other and create a tutoring environment.
  • Languages – The app covers over 150 languages making it superior to some available language learning apps.
  • Translation system – The app has a tool that helps you translate your language into the target language that you want to learn. So, you will find it easy to construct a sentence with a proper meaning.
  • Text-to-voice option – The app can check whether your pronunciation of phase is correct.
  • Doodle exchange – The app helps you exchange doodles to remain motivated to learn.
  • Reviews – Hello Talk has received thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied users.


Busuu offers free language learning via its basic package. It also has a premium and a premium plus package that you pay monthly.

Besides the free services, what does Busuu has to offer?

  • Creation of study goals – The app helps you come up with language learning goals. So, it can customize your learning experience.
  • Topic-based lessons – The app allows you to select a topic you want to learn in your preferred language.
  • Interaction – The app helps you interact with native speakers.
  • Progressive learning – The app also helps you build upon your past lesson. So, it reinforces your memory and improves your fluency.
  • Language range – The app offers you 12 language learning options. However, your preferred subscription determines the number of languages that you will access.
  • From the thousands of reviews that Busuu has received, its rating stands at 4.7 stars.

If we were to discuss the best-rated language learning apps, the list is endless. However, we can list some other apps that you can explore. The apps are an alternative to the ones that we have discussed above:

  1. Mindsnacks
  1. Triplingo
  1. MosaLingua
  1. HiNative
  1. (How to) Pronounce

If you are not sure about the best-rated app to select or you need more trusted Turkish translation services or different languages translation services, contact Future Trans. We shall advise you accordingly.

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