Top 6 Tips to Create the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Top 6 Tips to Create the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

When planning a wedding there are numerous details to think about. The venue, the food and of course the flowers. Every bride wants to look sensational walking down the aisle holding the most spectacular wedding bouquet. But how do you decide which flowers to use?

For starters, why not get rid of some of the stress on your big day? If you live in Melbourne, take advantage of same day flower delivery Melbourne service providers offer. The flowers will be delivered directly to your venue. That’s one item ticked off the list. Now just to choose the perfect flowers for your bouquet.

Think About the Venue

The venue will have a large influence on the type of flowers you select. You don’t want your bouquet to compete with the other flowers or look out of place.

For example, if you’re getting married in a ballroom, clutching a bunch of daises would not match the setting. An outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden will only need a few select flowers to enhance the beauty of your surroundings. A simple bouquet of wildflowers would look much more natural here while a grouping of all white orchids would look out of place.

Decide on Your Dress Before Your Flowers

Your wedding dress will be the focus of attention when it comes to your big day. Your bouquet should complement your dress. The style, colour and overall appearance of your outfit will greatly influence your choice of flowers.

When visiting your florist for the first time, bring along a photo and a material swatch so they can help you design the perfect bouquet. The design of your bouquet should enhance your dress’ shape and style. Your bouquet should be smaller than your waist and not hide your silhouette.

Remember you will be carrying your flowers around all day so it’s important that you can carry them easily with one hand. To look your best in photos, hold the bouquet in one hand just below your hip but slightly away from your body. This will ensure that you look picture perfect.

Pick Flowers in Season

Flowers can be expensive so it’s important to know how much you want to spend before falling in love with something you can’t afford. Be honest with your florist about your budget. A great way to save money is by using flowers that are in season and are locally grown.

Top tip: Some flowers that cost a lot have a look-alike that won’t cost as much. For example, garden roses look like peonies. Ask your florist if your favourite flower has a less expensive twin.

Learn a Bit of Flower Lingo

Google and Pinterest are your friends when it comes to research to help you familiarise yourself with popular wedding flowers. Look at photos of real weddings and find out the names of the flowers you like. Take into consideration that some flowers have a more fragrant bloom than others and choose accordingly, especially if you’re sensitive to smells.

Types of bouquets include:

  • Nosegay: This traditional round bouquet consists of flowers cut to the same length, then tied together tightly with a piece of material. Perfect for small intimate weddings.
  • Biedermeier: Similar to nosegay but arranged in concentric circles that create a striped effect. This would suit an artistic wedding.
  • Cascade: This is a waterfall of flowers that hangs down and forms an upside-down teardrop shape. Beautiful for pictures but not very easy to hold. Finest for formal high-end weddings.
  • Posy: A smaller bouquet that is perfect for a petite bride, bridesmaids and flower girls. It can be tied with a pretty ribbon and is easy to hold. Flawless for any type of wedding.
  • Round: The most popular type of bouquet, similar to a posy but slightly larger and more structured. Brilliant for formal or traditional weddings.

All the Colours of the Rainbow

You may have picked roses as your flower of choice, but they come in a variety of colours and different shades. Be specific when choosing the colour of flowers that will make up your bouquet. Take a swatch of your bridesmaid’s dress fabric to your florist so they can advise you on which flowers will complement the shade.

Pastel flowers will give your wedding a pretty, feminine look, while vibrant shades are modern and on-trend. Soft green paired with white is the classic timeless combination or do something completely different and use succulents instead.

Add a Personal Touch

Select flowers that mean something to you or make you think of a happy memory. Add an heirloom such as a broach or lace handkerchief to work in the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ narrative.

If you have dearly departed relatives, a nice touch is adding their names or a small photograph of them to your bouquet. This way they can still be included in your special day. 

Use these tips to create the perfect bouquet for your dream wedding in Melbourne. Don’t forget to ask your florist about options for flower delivery Melbourne based so you can rest assured your bouquet and other flowers will be flawless and arrive on time.

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