5 Innovative Ways to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

5 Innovative Ways to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

So many benefits! Living in a home that is full of natural light not only enhances your mood, but it helps to save on energy costs. So, instead of resorting to artificial lighting to brighten up your home, you should consider bringing in more sunlight. But how do you do that?

There are many ways including skylight installation that will allow more sunlight to enter your rooms. Whether you’re buying a new home or wanting to change the lighting in your existing house, natural light is the way to go.

Find out about the effects of natural lighting and discover five innovative ways of introducing more sunlight into your home. It’s easier than you expected!

What Are the Benefits of Natural Light in the Home?

Most people find their moods lift when the sun is shining. Waking up in the morning to sunlight shining into your bedroom is always a good way to start your day. But what are the other benefits of bringing more natural light into your home?

  • Beautification: Natural light is one of the simplest ways to beautify the interior of your home. Enjoy seeing the light reflect off glass, create shadows and change the look of a room as the sun moves throughout the day.
  • Save on energy costs: By introducing more natural light in your home, you can cut down on using artificial lighting which draws electricity. Natural lighting is great for cutting down on expensive electricity bills.
  • Keeps your home warm: Instead of using heaters and air conditioners to warm up your home during the winter months, you can rely on the natural sunlight to heat up spaces and be absorbed by objects like furniture.
  • Creates a healthy environment: Sunlight is known to destroy bacteria and other harmful organisms that grow in your home. It also helps to keep seasonal depression at bay.

With so many benefits to bringing natural light in your home, why wouldn’t you want more of it in your house? Use the following methods to ensure your home environment is full of sunshine.

1.          Bring Daylight in With Skylights

Skylights are one of the best ways of bringing in the right amount of sunlight into your home. Skylights have been designed to ensure you get the benefits of natural light without it being damaging to your home interior.

Companies who specialise in skylights are able to offer a wide range of styles and designs to suit your home. You can even request a custom design. Skylights are low maintenance requiring minimal cleaning and care.

2.          Take Advantage of Windows

Another simple but effective way of bringing more natural light into your home is with windows. If your home has small windows, you could look at installing larger windows to allow more sunlight in. Another option is to add more windows to darker rooms.

Blinds on windows are often better than standard curtains for letting in more sunlight.  Different types of window glass may give you the option of filtering the harmful UV rays of sunlight while still directing natural light into your rooms.

3.          Get Creative with Mirrors

Large mirrors placed strategically in your home can reflect more natural light into the rooms. By placing them in darker areas of the home such as hallways and smaller rooms you can capture the sunlight and brighten up these places naturally.

Mirror tiles can also be used instead of mirrors. These work well in bathrooms for reflecting natural lighting. Also consider them in hallways and along the side of one wall in a living area or even your dining room.

4.          Open Up Your Indoor Space

Rooms that flow into each other are great for enhancing natural lighting. This will require renovating certain areas of your home and it’s always a good idea to call in an architect to advise you. Breaking down walls between your living areas and the kitchen immediately allows for more natural light to flow in.

You’ll need to consider the placement and size of windows when opening up internal space. This may be a good time to add some skylights as well. Another way to open up space is to declutter. By simply removing certain pieces of furniture, ornaments and other objects from a room, you’re opening up the space for more light to come in naturally.

5.          Remove or Trim Trees

Take a walk around the exterior part of your home and check out the areas where there are too many trees close to the home, casting shadows. By removing or just trimming these trees, you’ll immediately allow natural light to enter your home.

You could also identify other outdoor plants or features that could be blocking the sunlight from coming into your home. A rockery too close to your house or even a hedge that’s been left to grow too tall could be blocking the natural light you’re after.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide on installing a skylight or use mirrors, you’ll benefit from bringing natural light into your home. There’s no need to sell your existing home just because you crave some light. Be creative and use some of these innovative ways to bring more sunshine into your home.

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