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PRODUCT REVIEW: Razor DeathAdder v2 Pro

Bringing to your doorsteps the ultimate weapon for you on your battle station, which will leave your opponents no time to act. The Razor DeathAdder v2 Pro is an ultimate gaming mouse and is delivered to you by TLG gaming


Razor DeathAdder is one of the most sold-out gaming mice of all time. Ergonomically designed, Razor DeathAdder v2 Pro is a wireless gaming mouse that dominates other gaming devices with its freedom of swift movements and control.

Razor HyperSpeed Wireless

The DeathAdder is three times faster than any wireless gaming technology with an optimized data protocol and ultra-fast radio frequency, which transfers the data from mouse to PC at an immensely fast rate making it a mouse with the lowest click latency.

The power usage is controlled in a manner that you will have played for a long time before they need to charge the mouse arises. The razor basilisk is even more reliable because it stays stable even in the nosiest data-saturated environments.

Redefine Precision with Intelligence

The optical sensor with a 20,000 DPI has a resolution accuracy of 99.6% for supreme performance. The smart tracking feature of DeathAdder allows for an automatic calibration when the mouse is switched to a new surface. Unlike the old sensors, which had to be manually calibrated, DeathAdder ensures that the lift-off distance and accuracy are consistent.

2nd Generation Razor Optical Mouse Switch

Actuation at light’s speed is what is needed at the battlefield by the gamer. The DeathAdder has an upgraded mouse switch which is in start contrast with a traditional mechanical mouse. With a click, the Optical Mouse Switch takes in the infrared light to transfer the PC signal. Actuation is achieved at 0,2 milliseconds, which is the fastest a gaming mouse has seen.

70 Million Clicks

With a huge number of 70 million clicks, you will have all the time with yourself to play as long as you want. As the electrical signals are transmitted without any mechanical contact, there are lesser chances of the mouse being prone to wear and tear from heavy usage.

Long Battery Life

The ergonomic wireless gaming mouse provides you with three options of connection according to your needs. The first one is via Bluetooth for up to 120hours and maximum usage, via razor Hyperspeed for up to 70 hours for low latency gaming and plugged in on the Razor Speedflex cable so that you don’t have to interrupt the game in between and continue playing while it’s getting charged.

Fine Tuned Scroll

The finely tuned scroll wheel of the mouse has a very low resistance, making it very light and easy to use. Now, doing bunny hops, scrolling for weapons, or any other actions which require scroll wheels feels like a kid’s play with the DeathAdder.

Other Advanced Features

The DeathAdder v2 Pro is injected with many other smart features such as the left and right-side rubber grips for secured swipes, 100% PTFE mouse feet for slick movement at any surface, and charging compatibility with Razor mouse dock Chroma.

John Norwood
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