Easy Ways to Boost Your Router’s Performance

Easy Ways to Boost Your Router’s Performance

There are plenty of reasons to have high-speed internet at home. In the past, only a few kilobits of speed was enough to fulfill our needs. Over time, technology evolved and our everyday activities have started relying mostly on the internet.

If you doubt the claim, you can simply look around for several things that are dependent on the internet. For instance, your smart security camera is useless without being connected to the internet. Similarly, you might not be able to watch favorite Netflix series without high-speed internet (unless you have downloaded it for offline viewing).

Imagine a day without internet – banking transactions would stop; smart homes will no longer be operational, and you might not be able to watch your favorite Netflix show. Every time there is an internet disconnection, the problem might not be on the backend. You need to check the problem on your end as well.

Sometimes the internet plan you have chosen is not enough to fulfill the household requirements. Make sure to carefully evaluate your internet requirements and choose a plan wisely. If you have no idea about what plans are best suited, just click the link https://www.localcabledeals.com/optimum/internet to land on the best one.

Even after subscribing to high-speed internet, sometimes there is an issue without your router. The router might not deliver as optimal as it should. So what to do to boost the performance of your router? Here’s everything you need to know about boosting the router’s performance.

Place Your Router Somewhere in the Center  

When it comes to placing your router in the right place, you might get puzzled. There is no need to worry because placing your router in the center of the premises would solve half of your problems.

Avoid placing your router near the appliances emitting electromagnetic waves. Especially when it comes to metallic objects, they may hinder WiFi signals largely. Moreover, objects like cardboard, wood, foam, and plastic can play a pivotal role in reducing the WiFi signal.

While placing the router, you should maintain a safe distance from appliances producing electromagnetic waves. Moreover, the router should be placed in the center of the living room. Nowadays, most of the routers available in the market allow you to place your router in an ideal location by notifying you.

Buy WiFi Extender if You Live in a Big Home

WiFi extenders are sometimes referred to as boosters and repeaters. So don’t confuse when going to purchase an extender for yourself. WiFi extenders are needed to boost signals and remove any dead spots. Especially when it comes to the big house, the need for a booster is almost a necessity. It would help you extend wifi signals to every part of the house by taking your existing WIFi signals and rebroadcasting them as a new network.

You can get a Wi-Fi extender for less than $50. However, if you wish to have some extra features, you can settle for the higher one, but it would not cost you more than $100. To benefit from Wifi extenders performance, make sure to use the app to monitor WiFi coverage and find a way to extend it.

Use Latest WiFi Router

When it comes to WiFi routers: the newer, the better. If you have been using the same old router for years, now it is time to discard it and bring a new one. The reason for replacing the old one with a new one is the integration of the latest technology that serves in increasing the speed.

Nowadays, IEEE 802.11ac wireless technology is being used in routers that allow high-speed downloads and uploads. To benefit from the technology and enhance WIFI, verify that your router and wireless-enabled devices such as laptops and smartphones support them.

When buying a new router that supports IEEE 802.11ac, make sure to loosen your wallet unless you are tight on budget. The reason for spending more is that these routers are integrated with features like MU-MIMO, replaceable external antennas, guest networks, and gigabit Ethernet ports. All of these features help in boosting WiFi performance.

Reboot Your Router Often

Rebooting your router will also help you boost WiFi performance. Most of the time, when you are facing internet disruption or speed issues. You can reboot your router by pulling out the plug from the power socket or simply pressing the restart button located at the back of the device. After you have powered off your router, make sure to wait for at least 30 seconds and turn it on. Most non-technical people restart their router to fix the issue.

Disconnect Devices that Suck the Juice

In the present times, when everyone is equipped with a smart device, the probability of connecting open WiFi is much higher. A password-protected connection will ensure that strangers passing by your home don’t connect to the network. Moreover, if your WiFi signals are reaching neighbors, you might notice unidentified devices connected to the network.

Make sure to protect your WiFi network by assigning a password to it. Usually, a strong password contains numbers, special characters, and a combination of the upper and lower case. Some people act too lazily that they choose a password like 123456 or their name. Don’t ever commit this mistake if you want unidentified people to stay away. Also, change the password after every two months or so to take extra measures and prevent hackers away from your network.

Contact Customer Support for Assistance

If you have been facing an internet issue after taking the aforementioned steps, it is now time to call your ISP’s customer support. Just log into their website and head on to the customer service section to find a phone number.

However, if you want to avoid unnecessary waiting, look for an online chat option. It would help you to get your problem resolved without waiting for long.


When it comes to an internet connection, no one can bear slow internet speed. Make sure to opt for the best internet plan to meet the daily internet usage without facing speed disruption. For further assistance, you can call customer service anytime to resolve the issue without waiting much.

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