Tips on Preparing for An Online Therapy Session

Tips on Preparing for An Online Therapy Session

The new normal has opened up more online avenues than ever, including healthcare services such as therapy.

Many providers now offer alternatives to in-person sessions in the form of virtual channels. The good thing is that most of us are comfortable with using the relevant technology such as smartphones and webcams.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your online therapy.

1. Prepare the Environment

Going to a session usually equates a safe environment that’s prepared for you. Here, the room will be conducive to sharing one’s deepest emotions and thoughts.

Part of professional therapy involves going through great lengths to making the environment as comfortable and relaxing as possible, and this should be the same once you’ve chosen the right therapy on

Look for a private space in your house with minimal distractions and limit noise by using headphones.

2. Choose Your Preferred Method

There are now more delivery channels than ever when it comes to online therapy. Patients can choose to speak with a professional via phone, chat or FaceTime.

Personal preference can dictate which delivery method is the right one for you in terms of comfort level. Make sure to see if the method you want is available on Dr.Mental before you book an appointment.

3. Test the Device and Connection

A successful online therapy session is one that’s uninterrupted and maintains a clear line of communication between patient and therapist.

One requirement for this is that you must have a stable internet connection. Then, you must be familiar with using the device (either a computer or smartphone), the app or program you’ll be using and basic troubleshooting.

Before starting the meeting it’s best to test your device and ensure everything is working, especially the audio. Close out unnecessary apps and programs in the background to minimize lag and connection issues.

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