Things you should know before purchasing car washing machines

Things you should know before purchasing car washing machines

Maintaining a car is among the tasks that people don’t enjoy doing. The reason behind this is they take the task as effort and time-consuming.  Due to this reason, car owners are constantly looking for an efficient way and equipment that will help solve the problem.

A car washing machine is a small-sized machine with a spray used to clean vehicles. Car washing machines come in different sizes, with varying modes of operation and functionality. There exist many kinds of car washing machines in current times, making it difficult for car owners to choose for specific purposes. Here are things to consider when buying one;

Water flow and pressure

The high the water flow rate of the car washing machine, the more efficient and faster the car gets cleaned. Mostly the car washing machine has a flow of about 6-10 liters per minute.  Car washers with a low flow rate only help save water but slow down the washing speed; thus, more time is needed to wash, and a lot of electricity is used, increasing electricity charges.

Motor technology

There are two types of motors used in car washing machines, including magnetic motor and brush motor. Car washing machine price in Kenya of these motors varies. A Brush motor is popular and comes at a relatively low cost. The engine is usually unstable and noisy thus is unsuitable for continuous washing. A magnetic motor is an advanced technology with high load capacity characteristics, durable, and less noisy.

Machine speed and power

This parameter is essential and should always be considered when purchasing a car washing machine.  Most washing machine power capacity ranges from 1100W to 2000W. At a high degree, the device can achieve high pressure and a high rate of water flow.  

Also, the speed of the car washing machine engine determines pressure and the machine’s water flow. Low motors produce less noise and durability. To develop devices with high pressure and at affordable prices, manufacturers are now combining engines with low pressure with high speeds.

Other essential factors to consider

Sprinklers: different car washers have varying types of nozzles. These nozzles are customized to control water pressure or spray according to the user’s needs. Spray guns also should be taken into consideration. The suitable spray guns for car washing machines are long-bodied, short bodied are ideal for washing motorcycles.

Pump head materials are also an important consideration. Aluminum pumps are usually water-tight and have low durability. However, most users tend to use aluminum pumps due to costs. Chopper pumps are of high quality, and also they are used to signify high-quality machines, but they are expensive to purchase.


In conclusion, the above specifications should be carefully being considered before one purchases a pressure washer.  And also one should check on the brands with good reputations and those famous ones in selling best quality car washing machines at friendly prices and which can meet the needs of purchasers.

John Norwood
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